Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Emma Pillsbury Style - Modclothpalooza

Most of the clothes at Modcloth are perfectly suited to Rachel Berry's youthful vintage style, but there are plenty of Emma-worthy pieces there, as well. This may be the Palooza to end all Paloozas.

Sweaters and Jackets
Modcloth Sweaters and Jackets

Opti-Cool Allusion Cardigan - $80
Jet Setter Sweater - $33
Meet Me Under the Mistletoe Cardigan - $93
Pine and Dandy Jacket - $75
Lemongrass is Always Greener Jacket - $75
Poinsettia the Way Jacket - $50

Modcloth Blouses

Cat Your Service Top - $45
Sweet Tooth Sweetheart Top - $35
Lavender Sandies Top - $45
Pony Tales Top - $43
Turn of the Tide Top - $50
Cute Composure Top - $93
Stars Search Top - $55

Modcloth Dresses

Presidio Poise Dress - $245
Social Stylista Dress - $145
Work to Wow Dress - $130
Take Me Out Dress - $295
Fondue Fete Dress - $385
Hue and I Dress - $58
Work of Heart Dress - $105
Nature's Wisest Ones Dress - $78
Hunky Dory Dress - $53

Modcloth Skirts

Professionally Speaking Skirt- $33
You Got What I Tweed Skirt - $35
Professionally Speaking Skirt - $33
House Swap Skirt - $65
Haute in Traffic Skirt - $50
Profesh Pinstripes Skirt - $40

Modcloth Coats

You're One Classy Dame Coat - $190
Wish I May Wish I Bright Coat - $100
Bookstore Betty Coat - $100
Fashion Snow Coat - $250
Dusk Flurries Coat - $125
Mod for Winter Coat - $80
Met Your Match Coat - $155
Can't Chard-ly Wait Coat - $150

My favorites, under $100:
Lemongrass is Always Greener Jacket - $75
The IYB and the Bow Dress from Hello had a baby. It grew up, went to college, got a job, and became this jacket. They must be so proud.

Pony Tales Top - $43
Bow blouse with kitsch. What could be better?

Hue and I Dress - $58
A great dress for work - flatters any body type and is appropriate for any age.

Haute in Traffic Skirt - $50
Another love child from Emma's closet, this time from the Trampoline and Peppered and Striped skirts.

Wish I May Wish I Bright Coat - $100
Pretty color, great cut, love the cuffs.

Which are your favorites from this Modclothpalooza?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Emma Pillsbury Style - Anthropalooza

I'm revamping the way Paloozas are written here. Rather than posting a list of Emma-worthy items from a particular store, I thought I'd step it up a bit, and style the pieces the way Emma (or you!) could wear them.

I'm a tad obsessed with the Kensington Gardens Blouse from Anthropologie right now.

It's a great white blouse for getting Emma Pillsbury's style. The rounded tab collar looks great under a cardigan or pullover sweater, but the sleeve pleats and length make the blouse perfect to wear on its own. I've styled the Kensington Gardens Blouse three ways with my current favorite Emma-worthy Anthro pieces.

Cables and Flowers

Kensington Gardens Blouse - $88
Gemini Cardigan - $88
Peppering Skirt - $128
Curl Stacked Heels - $168
Pave Posts - $24 and Quavered Loop Necklace - $38

Two Skirts One Shirt

Kensington Gardens Blouse - $88
Tile Quilted Mini - $98
Adrienne Heels - $90
Spinning Globes Satchel - $758 (we know Emma can afford it)
Quite a Spectacle Necklace - $498 (she can afford this too)
Red White Blue and Ducks

Kensington Gardens Blouse - $88
Windswept Cardigan - $128
Textured Ponte Skirt - $118
Leather Ribbon Satchel - $148
Ducks in a Row Bracelet - $62 (link goes to ShopBop - it's $6 cheaper there!)

Which outfit do you think Emma should wear? Which one would you wear?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Emma Pillsbury Style - Faux Fur Collar Coats On A Budget

WWEPWers have spoken, and the requests for Emma Pillsbury style on a budget have come through loud and clear! Seems Emma's taste has gotten much more expensive over the last two seasons (she must have earned some serious bonus pay while sponsoring the school musical). I'll be on the lookout for budget versions of Emma's clothing to share with you after each episode. Thanks so much to everyone who shared their feedback!

If you loved Emma's Kate Spade Faux Fur Cherie Coat ($477)...

you might like these faux fur-trimmed coats, on a budget:

Steve Madden Trench with Faux Fur Collar - $89.99

DKNYC Faux Fur Collar Coat - $134.99

ASOS Faux Fur Trim Coat - $121

American Rag Military Faux Fur Coat - $119

Forever 21 Faux Fur Trimmed Toggle Coat - $27.50

And for my friends in the UK, I am in love with this coat from Miss Selfridge!

Miss Selfridge Twill Faux Fur Collar Coat - £85

And how about a huge vintage Christmas tree brooch to pin to your pretty coat? I love these:

Vintage Designer Signed Christmas Tree Brooch - $32 (Heritage Heirlooms)
Vintage Huge Christmas Tree Pin - $11.50 (Delectably Diva - this is my favorite of the three brooches and this Etsy shop has many more Christmas tree brooches at great prices!)
Vintage Huge Christmas Tree Brooch - $75 (Vintage Sparkles - this is a splurge piece, but it's absolutely stunning. There's another gorgeous sparkly Christmas tree brooch in this Etsy shop that has me drooling. Beautiful pieces, here.)

Emma's look certainly can be achieved for less!

This is not a sponsored post.

Emma Pillsbury Fashion ID - Extraordinary Merry Christmas

Okay, WWEPWers. It's time for a pop quiz. Yes, it counts toward your final grade.

1. Complete the analogy.

Emma Pillsbury is to Kate Spade as Rachel Berry is to:

a) knee socks
b) gold stars
c) capes
d) all of the above

Kate Spade Faux Fur Cherie Coat - $477

2. Emma and Will:

a) are sleep-singing
b) have gas
c) finally consummated their relationship in the car on the way to the shelter
d) all of the above

Red Valentino Bow Accented Turtleneck Dress (shown in camel) - no longer available
(Thanks Possessionista!)

(sweater version)

Extra credit: In your own words, explain how the following picture matches these lyrics:

There's a world outside your window
And it's a world of dreaded fear
Where the only water flowing is the bitter sting of tears
And the Christmas bells that ring there are the clanging chimes of doom
Well tonight thank god it's them instead of you

screencap from TV Caps

You'll never get that extra credit, huh?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Emma Pillsbury Fashion ID - Hold on to Sixteen

Where's my "That Was Easy" button? I need to press it.

In tonight's episode of Glee, "Hold on to Sixteen," Emma Pillsbury pairs her Kate Spade Metallic Josie Dress with the Kate Spade Elizabeth Cardigan.

Kate Spade Metallic Josie Dress - no longer available

Kate Spade Elizabeth Cardigan - no longer available

Hey, WWEPWers. Tell me something. With so much Kate Spade clothing coming out the wazoo lately, I'm going to admit I'm getting a bit bored with Emma's wardrobe. (But not with WWEPW.) Don't get me wrong. I love me some Kate Spade clothing. But I find myself longing for the days when Emma's wardrobe wasn't dominated by one single brand. Do you feel the same?

Although I haven't had much time for posting lately, I don't want this blog to become simply a bunch of IDs from the show. I've always loved coming up with new ideas for WWEPW, and I want you to know that after next week, when my real-life workload will start to slow down, I'll be posting some fun new features that have been swimming around in my head, but I haven't had the time to make them a reality. And, WWEPW will going back to its roots - as a style blog to help you find more clothes which would make Emma herself envious of your closet.

But I want to hear from you, too. What features would YOU like to see on WWEPW? Leave a comment here or drop me a line at emmapillsbury at gmail dot com. And thanks for sticking with WWEPW, even when I post at a snail's pace. You guys are the best.


Saturday, December 3, 2011

How Would Emma Wear It? - Nicoleta Blouse

WWEPW readers styled the Nicoleta Blouse from Anthropologie, as Emma Pillsbury might wear it.

How Would Emma Wear It? - Nicoleta Blouse

Nicoleta Blouse

Citrus Colors

Welcome to Polyvore!

Look #14

What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear? The Nicoleta Blouse

Nicoleta Blouse

WWEPW- Nicoleta Blouse

Nicoleta Blouse

Emma's Nicoletta Blouse

My top five pieces from these looks:

Look in the Letter Box Cape
from Modcloth - $99.99

Twinkle Lights Pencil Skirt
from Anthropologie - $218

Strawberry Fields Bracelet by Kate Spade - $128

Rabbit Print Pencil Skirt from Topshop - $85 (Bunnies! Bunnies! It must be bunnies!)

Amy Butler Brenda Clutch - $20

Great looks, WWEPWers!

If there's an item of clothing you'd like to see styled a la Emma Pillsbury, drop me a line at emmapillsbury at gmail dot com, or leave a comment here!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Giveaway - Necklace from Bear and The Honeybee

Last night, Emma's outfits were all about the brooches. And no one styles brooches better than Leigh, from Bear and The Honeybee.

Once again, Leigh has offered a fabulous giveaway to WWEPW. One lucky winner will be wearing this gorgeous necklace very soon!

The Eleanor (shown in Sunshine)

For those who might not be familiar with Leigh's work, she finds the most amazing Emma-inspired vintage brooches and styles them into necklaces that reflect Emma Pillsbury's outfits. So clever, right? Check out these necklaces, inspired by looks from Bad Reputation, The Rhodes Not Taken (my favorite), and Born This Way. There are lots more in her shop, so be sure to poke around!

Leigh will create The Eleanor in the colorway of the winner's choice - Black, Magenta, Apple Green, or Yellow.

AND, as if that isn't enough, Leigh is generously offering a 10% discount to WWEPW readers for anything in the shop. Just enter coupon code WWEPW10 at checkout.

How to Enter:

1. Visit Leigh's shop, Bear and The Honeybee. If you're looking for the perfect unique holiday gift for someone, this is the place.

2. Leave a comment on this post, telling your favorite item in Leigh's shop.

3. Be sure to include your email address, so I can contact the winner. This giveaway will be open until Wednesday, December 7 at 6PM EST.

Thanks for another great giveaway, Leigh!

This is not a sponsored post. WWEPW did not receive gifts or money in exchange for the item in this giveaway. Bear and The Honeybee did not offer or provide payment to participate with WWEPW. In other words, WWEPW likes to promote small businesses. For free. Because making independent artists and my readers happy makes me happy. :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Emma Pillsbury Fashion ID - I Kissed A Girl

When your husband makes you screencaps of Emma's outfits because you can't watch Glee, you know you married the right man.

Looks like tonight was all about big brooches and the color red.

I haven't looked closely, but I think this red sweater is Kate Spade. The fish brooch must be vintage. It's too awesome to be anything but.

Kate Spade Wool Martingale Sweater - $195

Reprising the LRD. This time, with a gigantic flower brooch that is AH-MA-ZING. Again, probably vintage.

Day Dress by Valentino - no longer available

Also, someone please give this season's hair stylist an Emmy Award now. Kthx.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How Would Emma Wear It? - Nicoleta Blouse

I'm smitten by the Nicoleta Blouse from Anthropologie.

Let's see how you'd style it, WWEPWers!

How Would Emma Wear It? - Nicoleta Blouse

Create a look (or more) using the Nicoleta Blouse for Emma Pillsbury (or for you!) and add it to this group on Polyvore: How Would Emma Wear It? - Nicoleta Blouse.

I'll post your sets later this weekend, so create away!

To all those celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, have a wonderful day!


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Emma Pillsbury Fashion ID - I Kissed A Girl Promo Picture

Ooooh. A new color scheme. Orange and caramel. LOVE.

Other than her Juicy Couture Stacked Flower Rings and Vintage Sarah Coventry Bittersweet Brooch, I'm not recognizing any of the clothing by sight.

Could be the J.Crew Cashmere Crewneck Cardigan in Heather Caramel over the orange bow blouse (or dress), but I'm not convinced.

Let's find these clothes, WWEPWers!

Also WTH is going on with Will's hair here? Did Dippity-Do come back in style and no one told me?

More importantly, where are his chocolate chip cookies? He probably ate them first. Boyfriend cannot resist a chocolate chip cookie.

"I Kissed A Girl" airs November 29.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Giveaway - Shabby Apple Pencil Skirt

Hooray! The wonderful folks at Shabby Apple have generously offered another giveaway!

This time, it's their most Emma-worthy of garments, and I know you're going to love it. One lucky winner will receive this fabulous skirt:

Francine Pencil Skirt

We know. You need a wardrobe staple as fashionable as it is functional, sticking it out rain or shine, season to season, year after year. Make it timeless, make it versatile, but please don't make it boring. Enter Francine, the antidote to your deepest wardrobe doubts. Cut in canvas twill the perfect thickness for all-season wear, this high-waisted black pencil skirt needed only a smart bow topping to fulfill the measure of its waist-defining, hip-slimming, eye-catching creation. Skirt made of 100% canvas twill.

Along with the Francine, I'm especially loving the matte satin Summer Break Skirt and the fabric of the Humboldt Current Skirt.

Shabby Apple is also offering WWEPW readers a 50% off coupon code that can be used toward all skirts in their "Skirts" section. Discount valid on the original price.

Simply click on the Shabby Apple logo below, and enter SKIRTS50OFF2011 at checkout.

Shabby Apple Women's Dresses

The code expires Tuesday, November 15 and includes free shipping!

To enter:
1. Visit Shabby Apple online.

2. Leave a comment here, and tell your favorite item in their shop. Be sure to include your email address so I can contact you if you win.

3. Entries will be accepted until Tuesday, November 15 at 11PM EST. The winner will be notified and will need to respond within one week with their skirt size and address to claim this lovely prize.

Thanks so much to Shabby Apple for this very-very-Pillsbury giveaway.

Follow @shabbyapple on Twitter and "like" Shabby Apple on Facebook to keep up with new items, sales, and special offers!

Disclosure: WWEPW did not accept money or gifts from Shabby Apple in exchange for the item in this giveaway. Shabby Apple did not offer or provide payment to participate with WWEPW.