Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Emma Pillsbury Fashion ID - I Kissed A Girl

When your husband makes you screencaps of Emma's outfits because you can't watch Glee, you know you married the right man.

Looks like tonight was all about big brooches and the color red.

I haven't looked closely, but I think this red sweater is Kate Spade. The fish brooch must be vintage. It's too awesome to be anything but.

Kate Spade Wool Martingale Sweater - $195

Reprising the LRD. This time, with a gigantic flower brooch that is AH-MA-ZING. Again, probably vintage.

Day Dress by Valentino - no longer available

Also, someone please give this season's hair stylist an Emmy Award now. Kthx.


MC said...

Hang on, where was the orange and caramel outfit with the Sarah Coventry brooch we saw in the promo picture? Must've been a deleted scene. I was looking forward to seeing that outfit, darn it!

Love the cute fish brooch. And yes, Emma's hair is fabulous. It's funny to look at the pictures in this post as compared to the header pics from Season 1. Emma has loosened up a lot, at least hairdo wise!


Leigh said...

Ugh, I have pretty much her same exact color, length, and style hair now that she's grown it out, yet mine never looks like that for more than 5 minutes after blow drying. I need a personal stylist! Also, I am almost positive I found that exact brooch once and passed over it because it was too big. Ooops!

AmyB said...

MUST. HAVE. THAT. FISH. AND. FLOWER. BROOCH. I haven't bought one in sooooooo long.

Danielle said...

I suspect you're right on target with the sweater ID. Kate Spade Martingale was just what I thought when I saw it pop up on Glee last night.

FashionofGleeker said...

FashionofGlee has found and posted Emma's gorgeous flower brooch!

Anonymous said...

what about the stacked ring she was wearing in that first scene? Was it that flower one?