Saturday, December 3, 2011

How Would Emma Wear It? - Nicoleta Blouse

WWEPW readers styled the Nicoleta Blouse from Anthropologie, as Emma Pillsbury might wear it.

How Would Emma Wear It? - Nicoleta Blouse

Nicoleta Blouse

Citrus Colors

Welcome to Polyvore!

Look #14

What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear? The Nicoleta Blouse

Nicoleta Blouse

WWEPW- Nicoleta Blouse

Nicoleta Blouse

Emma's Nicoletta Blouse

My top five pieces from these looks:

Look in the Letter Box Cape
from Modcloth - $99.99

Twinkle Lights Pencil Skirt
from Anthropologie - $218

Strawberry Fields Bracelet by Kate Spade - $128

Rabbit Print Pencil Skirt from Topshop - $85 (Bunnies! Bunnies! It must be bunnies!)

Amy Butler Brenda Clutch - $20

Great looks, WWEPWers!

If there's an item of clothing you'd like to see styled a la Emma Pillsbury, drop me a line at emmapillsbury at gmail dot com, or leave a comment here!

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