Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Emma Pillsbury Style - Modclothpalooza

Most of the clothes at Modcloth are perfectly suited to Rachel Berry's youthful vintage style, but there are plenty of Emma-worthy pieces there, as well. This may be the Palooza to end all Paloozas.

Sweaters and Jackets
Modcloth Sweaters and Jackets

Opti-Cool Allusion Cardigan - $80
Jet Setter Sweater - $33
Meet Me Under the Mistletoe Cardigan - $93
Pine and Dandy Jacket - $75
Lemongrass is Always Greener Jacket - $75
Poinsettia the Way Jacket - $50

Modcloth Blouses

Cat Your Service Top - $45
Sweet Tooth Sweetheart Top - $35
Lavender Sandies Top - $45
Pony Tales Top - $43
Turn of the Tide Top - $50
Cute Composure Top - $93
Stars Search Top - $55

Modcloth Dresses

Presidio Poise Dress - $245
Social Stylista Dress - $145
Work to Wow Dress - $130
Take Me Out Dress - $295
Fondue Fete Dress - $385
Hue and I Dress - $58
Work of Heart Dress - $105
Nature's Wisest Ones Dress - $78
Hunky Dory Dress - $53

Modcloth Skirts

Professionally Speaking Skirt- $33
You Got What I Tweed Skirt - $35
Professionally Speaking Skirt - $33
House Swap Skirt - $65
Haute in Traffic Skirt - $50
Profesh Pinstripes Skirt - $40

Modcloth Coats

You're One Classy Dame Coat - $190
Wish I May Wish I Bright Coat - $100
Bookstore Betty Coat - $100
Fashion Snow Coat - $250
Dusk Flurries Coat - $125
Mod for Winter Coat - $80
Met Your Match Coat - $155
Can't Chard-ly Wait Coat - $150

My favorites, under $100:
Lemongrass is Always Greener Jacket - $75
The IYB and the Bow Dress from Hello had a baby. It grew up, went to college, got a job, and became this jacket. They must be so proud.

Pony Tales Top - $43
Bow blouse with kitsch. What could be better?

Hue and I Dress - $58
A great dress for work - flatters any body type and is appropriate for any age.

Haute in Traffic Skirt - $50
Another love child from Emma's closet, this time from the Trampoline and Peppered and Striped skirts.

Wish I May Wish I Bright Coat - $100
Pretty color, great cut, love the cuffs.

Which are your favorites from this Modclothpalooza?


The Way We Were said...

I am not sure about modcloth. Rachel, as teenager, could easily get away by wearing something fun but possibly cheap looking, but Emma is adult and definitely has her own fashionista in her blood. These pieces look pretty good in the picture but how they will look on Emma or any Emma-wanna-be would be a different story. Just my 2 cents.

The Way We Were said...

But if we have to judge by the pictures, my favorites are the plum color dress and the lace printed one next to it. the first row of the coats look pretty good, too. First neutral color skirt might be worth a try-on as well.

nicole messick said...

I honestly can't believe she doesn't wear more modcloth. I mean, her wardrobe is so completely unrealistic for a teacher so it would be nice to see her attempt to wear clothing an actual teacher could afford. And yes, they may look young but since when does Emma Pillsbury dress old?

Victoria said...

I could totally see her wearing a lot of these especially the Work to Wow Dress and the Lemongrass is Always Greener Jacket.

I found a dress on Modcloth the other day that definitely looks like something Emma would wear. It's called Master Mixologist Dress. Not exactly in her budget, though she wears Kate Spade, but I feel like it's a dress she would have in her closet.

The Way We Were said...

Wearing something well made that shows quality doesn't always follow the notion of "dressing old". :) And Emma indeed is an unrealistic character. She is froma TV show, isn't she? :)I like these styles of ModCloth, but I just honestly don't care for their quality. I guess I didn't get my point crossed perfectly in my first comment.

Aliki said...

my favorites is:

Lauren Moffatt Fondue Fete Dress :-)

i also cam imagine this in Emmas Wardrobe:

Scone for the Holidays Jacket

The Spice is Right Dress

Have a Gold Day Coat

Radiant Ruby Dress


Daffodil Pathway Dress

Barbee said...

I am kind of in love with the Opticool Illusion Cardigan. I've never actually bought anything from Modcloth, though I've been tempted by extreme cuteness on more than one occasion.

As to the debate on quality, price, etc., I try to imagine Emma as an extreme bargain shopper. She knows where the best outlet malls/factory stores are and puts lots of time into finding the best prices on everything she buys. This works to kind of explain her J. Crew pieces, as J. Crew Factory stores frequently have really awesome sales. Heck, I've bought Jackie cardigans for $20 before! I can see her calling the closest store every weekend to find out what's on sale. The staff know her and always know when to expect her. She comes right when the store opens so it's the cleanest and most devoid of other, icky customers. Banana Republic also has good discounts at their Factory Stores.

This does NOT, however, explain how she acquires all those FABULOUS Kate Spade pieces!! Kate Spade does have some outlet stores but they don't have the same kinds of amazing bargains as other stores.

I rather miss the pieces from Target and similar that she would wear in season 1. Even if Target clothes aren't the BEST quality (cardigans and other knits, in particular, are prone to stretching), you KNOW Emma takes meticulous care of her clothing to keep it in good shape. I like to pretend that all the expensive pieces are just REALLY SIMILAR to Kate Spade, Valentino, etc.

The Way We Were said...

Hi, I just finished a project inspired by the Kate Spade daisy necklace Emma wore in th first season. Thought I should share it with you emma fans. :) http://way-we-were.blogspot.com/2011/12/diy-daisy-necklace.html
Happy Holidays

Emily said...

Love the idea of Emma in Modcloth. For sewing enthusiasts, check out this recommended Vogue sewing pattern for the lemongrass jacket:


The Way We Were said...

Hi there again. Just wanted to share with you again of a DIY idea of mine. I made a flower brooch inspired by "I kissed a girl". Hope this will bring some inspiration to emma fans. http://way-we-were.blogspot.com/2012/01/diy-white-and-red-flower-brooch.html

Happy New Year!

Royaltygirl said...

I have a kate spade outlet nearby and find most of my dresses and skirts for $130 and under. They are sent directly from the retail store and then marked down further and then sales on top of that! I don't think I have ever paid over $200 for anything kate spade except purses. Emma could afford those prices for sure!
from katespade-aholic.com