Sunday, December 18, 2011

Emma Pillsbury Style - Anthropalooza

I'm revamping the way Paloozas are written here. Rather than posting a list of Emma-worthy items from a particular store, I thought I'd step it up a bit, and style the pieces the way Emma (or you!) could wear them.

I'm a tad obsessed with the Kensington Gardens Blouse from Anthropologie right now.

It's a great white blouse for getting Emma Pillsbury's style. The rounded tab collar looks great under a cardigan or pullover sweater, but the sleeve pleats and length make the blouse perfect to wear on its own. I've styled the Kensington Gardens Blouse three ways with my current favorite Emma-worthy Anthro pieces.

Cables and Flowers

Kensington Gardens Blouse - $88
Gemini Cardigan - $88
Peppering Skirt - $128
Curl Stacked Heels - $168
Pave Posts - $24 and Quavered Loop Necklace - $38

Two Skirts One Shirt

Kensington Gardens Blouse - $88
Tile Quilted Mini - $98
Adrienne Heels - $90
Spinning Globes Satchel - $758 (we know Emma can afford it)
Quite a Spectacle Necklace - $498 (she can afford this too)
Red White Blue and Ducks

Kensington Gardens Blouse - $88
Windswept Cardigan - $128
Textured Ponte Skirt - $118
Leather Ribbon Satchel - $148
Ducks in a Row Bracelet - $62 (link goes to ShopBop - it's $6 cheaper there!)

Which outfit do you think Emma should wear? Which one would you wear?


Kat said...

I work at Anthro and you know what I love that top (and the scalloped buttondown) with? The Nubby Stripes skirt... and the Feathered Village Skirt

The scalloped button down also looks great with an Anthro skirt that's not available online yet... it's this gray skirt with creamy embroidery up on top (basically the Sage Brush skirt only in a thicker material and in grey)

The Way We Were said...

I have got lots of DIY ideas from these posts. So inpiring! Totally following...