Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Emma Pillsbury Fashion ID - Special Education

Loved Emma's clothes in "Special Education?" Here they are!

Emma's purple cardigan:

Anthropologie Blueberry Tuft Cardigan - no longer available
(I only gave it 3 squirts in the last Anthropalooza - shame on me!)

Emma's green striped coat:

Kate Spade Studio Mona Coat - $521 on sale!

Emma's blue bow skirt:

Marc Jacobs Bow Skirt

Emma's blue cardigan:

J.Crew Jackie Cardigan - $46.50

Now everyone take a deep, deep breath. Remember, Emma's clothes are her best quality. :)

Emma Pillsbury Fashion ID Sneak Preview - A Very Glee Christmas

USA Today gives us a sneak peek at the upcoming episode, "A Very Glee Christmas."

Looks like Emma has added a new green cardigan to her collection.

J.Crew Jackie cardigan in dried parsley - $46.50

There's a hint of a red belt, and she's also wearing a new brooch! I'm hoping it's vintage. I love to see unique, one-of-a-kind pieces on her.

Hat tip to Kathleen for linking me to the news article!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Emma Pillsbury Fashion ID Sneak Preview - Kate Spade Coat

No question about it. Glee fans miss Emma. People are wondering why, in the midst of crisis at WHMS, the guidance counselor isn't on hand to do her job.

Okay, we know from previews that Emma will be in tomorrow's episode, "Special Education," wearing the spectacular Kate Spade Studio Mona Coat.

The question still remains: Where has Emma been?

WWEPWers, weigh in with your thoughts. What seems the most likely explanation for Emma's absence?

Share your own ideas in the comments!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Etsy Shops - Discounts for WWEPWers

I hope everyone in the US had a lovely Thanksgiving!

In the spirit of all the post-Thanksgiving sales, two Etsy artists have offered a special discount for WWEPW readers!

Leigh from Bear & The Honeybee has just listed this fantastic Blue Daisy Necklace, inspired by Emma's brooch in Showmance.

Leigh is offering WWEPW readers a 10% discount on any purchase from her shop between now and Sunday, December 5. Just use the code WWEPW to receive this discount!

Baubles by Barbee is offering a 20% discount to all WWEPW readers by using the coupon code WWEPW. I am loving the Vintage 1960 coat pins. Barbee has some great sales going on right now in her shop that would make the perfect stocking stuffers!

Thanks to Leigh and Barbee for these special WWEPW discount codes!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Glee Fashion ID - Carole Hudson's Wedding Dress

I've watched the wedding scene so many times, I think I may need an intervention.

Fashion first.

Did you love Romy Rosemont (as Carole Hudson)'s wedding dress?

It can be yours...
Patricia Nevil, Head Designer with bridal and formal fashion house L'ezu, has recently collaborated with Lou Eyrich, Emmy-award winning wardrobe designer for Popular Fox Network TV show “Glee”, to create a wedding gown for cast member Romy Rosemont...

The gown to be worn by Ms. Rosemont’s character is made out of Italian silk in a diamond color that flatters the actress’ complexion. The pleating is diagonal, elongating her figure and enhancing the waist line. Another feature of the dress is a shrug made out of French cotton lace embellished with clear and white beagle beads.

Bustles from the side create a sophisticated line and a modern touch to the dress’s already trendy mermaid silhouette. This dress has a value of $4,000.00 and will be fully manufactured in the U.S.

Source - fibretofashion.com

Beagle beads? Did they mean bugle beads? I kind of hope the dress is covered in dog-shaped beads...

Now. The wedding scenes.

This episode felt like the first 13 episodes came home from their first semester at college. Mom doesn't want you to go back. Stay here. I'll buy you a car.

I bawled. Bawled in that ugly-faced way people bawl when they're caught up in a moment made of nothing but raw emotion.

Mike O'Malley and Romy Rosemont - I adore you.

Oh, Kurt. Chris Colfer should win an Emmy and a Golden Globe for his performances this season. In fact, awards need to be invented just for him.

I'm not sure why the writers and producers of Glee still think gimmicks like episodes written around fancy guest stars and themed episodes are necessary. We love Glee when it's just like this. Guest stars and issues are woven into the tapestry of the show seamlessly, and we're swept away by the characters and the story.

Finn's speech and invitation to dance was more powerful than any "very special" episode they could have written. Just look at Kurt's face.

Isn't this why we fell in love with Glee from the start? Glee is at its best when it gives voice to every non-conventional kid, and places the conventional kids in a new context. Cue: reception scene.

The power of this moment is undeniable. Tom and Lorenzo said it best in their review of "Furt."
See, when Kurt got a Prince Charming to sing a love song to him, thereby shattering a musical convention going back centuries, we argued that it was an awesomely powerful moment with importance that might have slipped past the straights in the audience. Our argument was that every teenager wants to see their romantic fantasies validated in some way by the media from which they take their social cues and having this romantic fantasy normalized and portrayed on network television was a watershed moment likely to save some lives (no joke).

In a way, this was equally as powerful as having a gay teen sing a love song to another gay teen. In this case, it sent the message to both gay kids and straight kids, that this is the world someone wants for them. Whether or not it will ever come true, someone out there wants you to live in a world of total love and acceptance. It may never happen, but the dream of it is powerful and again, we can't imagine what it would have been like for us, for countless other people who grew up gay, to have someone offer us that dream when we were young. Cheesey? Unapologetically. Preachy? You're damn right, especially since no one else on TV is preaching this particular sermon in this manner. But put yourselves in the shoes of those kids who think the entire world is against them. A moment like the above is no less powerful.
(Read the entire review. Spot on, as always.)

Add to that the image of a loving father dancing with his son at his wedding, and you've got a powerful message about what it means to be a parent thrown into the mix. All within a couple minutes of a Bruno Mars song.

That is the Glee I love.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Etsy Shops - Dangercat Dolls

You guys. Youguysyouguysyouguys. WAIT until you see this.

Yes. It's what you think it is. A hand-painted Emma Pillsbury doll. In the yellow monochromatic Pilot outfit, to perfection.

Who is responsible for such a fabulous creation?

Kelley, owner and creator of DangerCat Dolls.

"A little about me...my name is Kelley, and I am an Illustration major born and raised in the former rubber capital of the world- Akron, Ohio.

I love painting and I love making things, especially small and unique works. Perhaps its because each doll is made to order, or because there are endless possibilities for styles and characters, but whatever the reason- Dangercat Dolls has been a great prescription for my artistic ADD. "

Joining Emma Pillsbury are characters from two of my favorite shows:

Pushing Daisies (I KNOW, right?)

True Blood


And maybe some of your favorite characters, too.

Mad Men

The Beatles

Harry Potter

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Kelley offers customers Five Listed Dolls of Your Choice or One Custom Doll in addition to any of the dolls in her shop. Wouldn't a set of Glee characters make a great, unique holiday gift for any Glee fan?

You can keep up with Kelley's creations here:

Dolls: http://dangercatdolls.tumblr.com

Fine Art: http://kelleyassaf.com/home.html

This is why I love Etsy more than any retail store on the planet - because of artists like Kelley.

Yay, Dangercat Dolls! Dangercat Dolls, hooray!

Cardi Clips

~ Kathleen Frances at Grosgrain was inspired by the Kate Spade bee cardigan and created her own version of it, which is amazing! You've got to check out her Reporter Frock giveaway, too - the neckline reminds me of Emma's collar under the Pick A Bunch cardi.

~ How about a handmade version of the Marc Jacobs Brodie dress? Find it at MerKnits!

~ When I'm not watching Glee or my other favorite primetime shows, HGTV is almost always playing on our TV. I'm a big fan of the show Design Star, and was thrilled when Emily Henderson walked away with the grand prize last season. Her first client for her first show? Ian Brennan. From Emily's blog:

"Oh, and my 'client' (and friend) for the special is the co-creator of Glee, Ian Brennan, so if you like Glee you best be spreading the word about that. He's hilarious and awesome. And single, for all the ladies out there. Just sayin'."

More pictures from this episode on HGTV.com.

And yes, Emily's wearing the Blooming Lattice Cardi from Anthropologie! Channeling a little Quinn Fabray for Ian's home makeover...

~ The girls at Scholar Style Guide have a unique approach to fashion: "We've created this blog to participate in conversations about the cultural construction of fashion, the semiotics of clothing, and how we can take these theoretical approaches to thinking about clothing and apply them to our daily dressing choices." Check out their Emma Pillsbury-inspired post!

~ I'm way behind on some of these links, but Toni at Little Suitcase has combed Etsy for some great Emma-ish finds!

~ Heather created a super fun WWEPW-inspired Wordle! (You can tell this was right on the heels of our beach-themed Fashion Challenge!)

~ Looking for some great Emma-inspired holiday gifts? How about a set of "The Wisdom of Emma Pillsbury" notecards?

~ Have you been following The Sisterhood of the Baking Shoes? If Kate Spade shoes aren't in your budget, Kate from She Hearts Art has a DIY tutorial to make your own!

If you find any great links in your travels around the interwebs, send them to me at emmapillsbury at gmail dot com for the next installment of Cardi Clips!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fashion Challenge Results - Pretty Posies Necklace

Such a variety of looks with this necklace! And lots of new WWEPWers joining the Fashion Challenge this week! Welcome!

Amy B's Look

Celeste's Look

Meg's Look

Meg's Other Look!

Tea's Look

Niki's Look

Meaghan's Look

M's Look

Karla's Look

Kyra's Look

Rachel's Look

Debbie's Look

Olivia's Look

Sherry's Look

Sherry's Other Look!

I's Look

Emma's Look

Jenny's Look

Betty's Look

Bara's Look

Which are your favorites?