Monday, November 29, 2010

Emma Pillsbury Fashion ID Sneak Preview - Kate Spade Coat

No question about it. Glee fans miss Emma. People are wondering why, in the midst of crisis at WHMS, the guidance counselor isn't on hand to do her job.

Okay, we know from previews that Emma will be in tomorrow's episode, "Special Education," wearing the spectacular Kate Spade Studio Mona Coat.

The question still remains: Where has Emma been?

WWEPWers, weigh in with your thoughts. What seems the most likely explanation for Emma's absence?

Share your own ideas in the comments!


Halle said...

On the Glee website's clips of interviews with Jayma Mays, what top is she wearing in the Blue Cards Mash Up video? And I think she was definitely cleaning house.

Anonymous said...

Intensive sex therapy with Dr "you're not a REAL doctor" Carl :p

Anonymous said...

Wherefore means why, by the way. As in, "Why does your name have to be Romeo?" not "where are you, Romeo?".

Anonymous said...

Definitely J.Crew/Anthro. Have you seen J.Crew's online sales lately? No question ;)

Katherine said...

I imagine that Carl gave her some sort of ultimatum after the toucha toucha incident( avoid contact with Will Shuester, as he seems to tempt you), although I cannot fathom what would prevent her from doing her job. As a person providing guidance, her assistance in the Kurt Catastrophe would seem an obvious inclusion. Emma has been sorely missed( by myself, at least.) I like Emma as a character, as opposed a girlfriend/love interest, and feel that her lack of presence is an unfortunate oversight on the part of the writers.