Thursday, November 25, 2010

Etsy Shops - Dangercat Dolls

You guys. Youguysyouguysyouguys. WAIT until you see this.

Yes. It's what you think it is. A hand-painted Emma Pillsbury doll. In the yellow monochromatic Pilot outfit, to perfection.

Who is responsible for such a fabulous creation?

Kelley, owner and creator of DangerCat Dolls.

"A little about name is Kelley, and I am an Illustration major born and raised in the former rubber capital of the world- Akron, Ohio.

I love painting and I love making things, especially small and unique works. Perhaps its because each doll is made to order, or because there are endless possibilities for styles and characters, but whatever the reason- Dangercat Dolls has been a great prescription for my artistic ADD. "

Joining Emma Pillsbury are characters from two of my favorite shows:

Pushing Daisies (I KNOW, right?)

True Blood


And maybe some of your favorite characters, too.

Mad Men

The Beatles

Harry Potter

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Kelley offers customers Five Listed Dolls of Your Choice or One Custom Doll in addition to any of the dolls in her shop. Wouldn't a set of Glee characters make a great, unique holiday gift for any Glee fan?

You can keep up with Kelley's creations here:


Fine Art:

This is why I love Etsy more than any retail store on the planet - because of artists like Kelley.

Yay, Dangercat Dolls! Dangercat Dolls, hooray!


Eliz said...

ADORABLE. Oh my god, Daisies and Always Sunny!! How creative and well done!

vacantmuse said...

ahahaha i love the little danny devito! and Pushing Daisies is done to perfection! i mean, a pocket piemaker? win!

ladysally said...

I have one of the Emma's. She's cute as pie. Get one!

Sarahnargle said...

That Hermione one is HAWT.

Clinto said...

Great post!