Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fashion Challenge Results - "Funk"-y Swimsuits

Wheeee! This was so much fun! Aside from the fantastic looks, I absolutely loved how passionate so many of you were about Emma going to the beach. The pale skin, the distaste for germs, the sand everywhere - all ingredients in a recipe for a pure Emma disaster!

Rose's Look

Kicking this awesome challenge off is the person who inspired it! Red-and-white polka dots are ALWAYS okay as far as I'm concerned, and especially so when it comes to swimwear.

WWEPW's Look

A little light reading...

Teresa's Look

AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! How big do you think Emma's eyes would get while reading Sh*t My Dad Says?!?

Amy B's Look

Amy says, "A neatfreak nightmare. Sand.? Bugs? Sitting on lawn chairs that only heavens know who has sat on them before? Exposing that peaches'n'cream complexion to the harmful rays of the sun? NEVER!!! But getting to see Will's naked gleaming chest? Absolutely."

Audra's Look

According to Audra, "It's a Pucci-palooza. For someone who makes muumuu's, his bathing suits are tiiiiiiiny."

I'll take the velvet one, thanks.

Ciara's Look

Heart-shaped glasses! YES!

Sweet Archivia's Look

"I even added a cute little soap pump because I know Emma loves to stay clean!"

That soap pump is precious!

Ginny's Look

Welcome, Ginny! You've included everything Emma needs for a perfect day at the beach! LOVE the books!!

Barbee's Look
Barbee was inspired by her nautical outfit in Bad Reputation! Love it! Welcome, Barbee!

J's Look

J says, "I decided that the most important thing about making this collection "Emma-esque" would be skin care. No way would Emma risk a sunburn, so I included sunscreen - but not that gross stuff that makes her skin feel greasy! - and lipstick with SPF, along with a hat and umbrella for the ultimate sun protection."

Excellent point! Emma would never tolerate greasiness!

Sarah's Look

That bag. Oh my. That. Bag.

Courts' Look

I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS. Day to evening! Genius!

Courts' Other Look!

HAHAHAHAHAHAH those books!

Molly's Look

Fabulous color scheme!

Ryan's Look

Welcome, Ryan! I adore the nautical theme of this look!

Celeste's Look

"I really can't imagine Emma voluntarily going to the beach, but maybe she gets some useful counseling and wears this cute suit to the beach! :)"


Marcie's Look

Yay, Marcie! Welcome! LOVE the colors and that bathing suit is incredible!

Kate's Look

OH YES. How I love Emma in yellows!

Manda's Look

Manda! I LOVE that you included a cardigan! Welcome to WWEPW!

Rachel's Look

Mmmmmm, bows.

Sara's Look

That hat is beyond gorgeous.

Heather's Look

"I'm not entirely sure that Emma would go to the beach. Too many germs. "

This look is spectacular!

Samantha's Look

Ooh, I love the coverup!

Kari's Look

I could totally see Emma packing like forty swimsuits for a long weekend to the beach!

Jen's Look

So pretty and feminine! Love it, Jen!

Sariah May's Look

Sariah May says, "Emma goes to the beach... I can't picture Emma at a beach. Because sand is yucky, and it gets ALL over you. Which I don't think she'd like. But if she went, I'm sure she'd look fabulous."

The white swimsuit reminds me of her eyelet jacket from Hello! Awesome find!

G's Look

Oooh, so many lovely things! The swimsuit is the perfect color for Emma!

G's Other Look!

She does look amazing in purple, too!

Lady QE's Look

Beautiful colors!

ShinyPrettyThings' Look

So many pretty choices!

Eliz's Look

School Counselor! HAHAHAHA! Love it!

Meg's Look

Ooooh! I love a good ruched swimsuit!

Christina's Look

Woo! Christina is back with a plus-size perspective on Emma's fabulous style! I LOVE the ruffly swimsuit in that gorgeous coral hue!

Melissa's Look

Meg's Look

O's Look

She says, "Emma braves the beach (she clearly prefers the pool if she must go outside...less dirt. And she can bring her own chlorine). And you just KNOW she puts everything she owns in separate Ziploc bags before setting FOOT in that gross sand!"

Hooray, everyone! Just a little note to say that I love reading the really sweet notes that so many of you include with your sets when you email them to me. I like to post the ones that give WWEPWers a little peek into your creative minds.

And remember, if you don't see your look here, that means I didn't get it! I'm meticulous about saving all the emails I get to a special "Fashion Challenge" folder. If your look didn't appear, please be sure to email me so we can find it and get it posted! xoxo

Of course Fashion Challenges (and much more!) will continue after Glee comes to A SCREECHING HALT WHY GOD WHY tonight. Just think - our hiatus before Season 2 will be much shorter than the wait for the back 9, so that's a good thing! Thanks to everyone for making WWEPW the happiest, kindest place on the internet. It is such a pleasure and privilege to write this website and interact with all of you here every day.

Once more, with feeling...



WriterGirl said...

loving the plus size take on emma's style!

Teresa said...

YAAAAYYYY!!!!!!! So many great bathing suits!!! I love the vintage suits! SO CUTE!

I love that nearly everyone included sunscreen! YAY SKIN CARE! LOL

Heather said...

Yeah for suncreen! No-one wants to look haggard in later life due to youthful sunnytime adventures.

Melanoma is NOT COOL, kids.

AmyB said...

Love it...will definitely channel Emma for new swimsuit...

Eliz said...

I love all of these!

What happened to mine? :( I messaged it to you yesterday!

Danielle said...

Got it Eliz - sorry about that. I don't always check my Polyvore messages - which is why I always ask people to email me their sets instead. Putting it up now! xoxo

Elissa said...

LOVE the first one! I have a swimsuit similar to all of these! (The vintage looking ones!) Except mine's orchid color...which, frankly, would look good on Emma too! ;)

Eliz said...

Oh sorry, I thought you said either. Thanks, Danielle! I was excited to have time to do a challenge again!

Danielle said...

I loved this challenge! So many awesome beachy looks!!! Eliz, that hat in your set is FABOONESS.

Teresa said...

Eliz, I love your look, and not just cause we're FRONDS, but it's super cute! Also we picked similar shoes. (Great minds? :P)

Love Jen's and Kate's looks too! Everyone had such great pieces!

Silly Bee's Chickadees said...

I guess my previous comment didn't save. Anyway, I added my set to the Polyvore group really late. So sorry!

Permanent Rose said...

Yay! Everyone found such awesome suits and accessories! I honestly can't pick a favorite!

Of course sunscreen would be a necessity for Emma. Being a fellow redhead, I know that she would need at least 50 spf to keep from looking like lobster :P

Danielle said...

Y'all are incredible. I didn't submit a set this week because I can't imagine Emma going to a beach, much less what she would wear if she did. But these are truly fabulous!

Katie said...

These are absolutely fabulous and have reinvented the stylish one piece in my humble opinion.
I love this blog!!!

p├ęsame said...

u could see some inspirational fashion sets at

Limequat said...

Hooray! I'm so glad this post came up so I can have style inspiration for beachwear!