Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Would Emma Wear it? - Anthropalooza

I adore fashion, but I'm not a shopper. I actually have a very modest and inexpensive wardrobe, mostly consisting of black on bottom/color on top mix-and-match combinations. I think that's what drew me to Emma Pillsbury's look - if I had the money or the size 0 frame, my closet would be a replica of her own.

The greatest thing about writing WWEPW is that it takes me out of my own boring snow globe of style. I love to browse websites, looking for that one piece that jumps off the screen as something Emma would wear. The "new arrivals" section of Anthropologie has been the proverbial candy store of finds lately.

I selected some of the pieces that are for sale at Anthro right now. For fun, I'll rate their Emma-worthiness using my "antibacterial squirts" rating scale - 5 squirts is the highest!. Let's start with cardis:

1. Remaining Lilies Cardigan - $128
Reminds me a bit of the Embroidered Cardigan That Shall Not Be Named but I think the colors would be great on Emma. 3 squirts
2. Precious Poppy Cardigan - $128
Love the color, love the shape, but it might be a bit too granny for our girl. 3 squirts
3. Oleander Cardigan - $98
I adore Emma in black, white and red, but this one might be a bit too juvenile for her. 3 squirts
4. Argyle Dimension Sweater - $128
This sweater is one of my favorites. The muted tones are fabulous and would look great with Emma's famous gold skirt. 4 squirts

1. Blueberry Tuft Cardigan - $128
Love it, but I'm afraid this piece might look too washed out on television. 3 squirts
2. Tea for Two Sweater - $128
I love the detail on the yoke, but if Emma's going to wear a plain white cardi, it has to have a bit more life in it than this one. 2 squirts
3. Scribbled Bouquet Cardigan - $98
While this sweater is quirky, it's the wrong color for our girl. 1 squirt
4. Sea Fan Sweater - $148
Gorgeous! Dark tops look amazing with Emma's hair and skin tone, and this neckline would frame her face beautifully. 4 squirts

1. Plum Blossom Cardi - $118
I'm a little torn with this one. It's unusual and unique enough to have a place in Emma's closet, but I'm not sure how I feel about her in v-necks. 3 squirts
2. Whirl and Wind Cardigan - $88
Same problem here. Great detail, great color, not sure about the neckline. 3 squirts
3. Stretching Sprigs Cardigan - $118
Not a fan of gray. Cute embroidery, though. 1 squirt
4. Pattern Ponder Cardigan - $98

1. Blushing Bouquet Cardigan - $88
With the Triple B (Big Bow Blouse) underneath, this could be a winner! 4 squirts
2. Pick A Bunch Cardi - $128
This cardi reminds me of the great Brushstroke Cardi from POM. 4 squirts
3. Firehouse Cardigan - $98
Love the stripes, not so sure about the detailing around the buttons. 2 squirts
4. Charmeuse Splice Cardigan (in gold or blue) - $118
Looks like a high school home ec sewing project. Pretty colors, though. 1 squirt

1. Deco Page Cardigan - $98
I love how feminine and pretty this is but it has the potential to look faded on tv. 3 squirts
2. Purrfect Posy Cardigan - $118
Save this one for Molly Shannon! 5 squirts for Brenda Castle
3. La Dominante Cardigan - $98
Another one of my favorites. It would need the perfect blouse underneath for the neckline to work just right. 4 squirts
4. Precious Materials Cardigan - $118
Super cute! Maybe a bit too flashy for Emma but points for the bow! 3 squirts

1. Masked Stripes Cardigan (in dark gray) - $98
This might work if Emma were starring in The Music Man. 1 squirt
2. Masked Stripes Cardigan (in purple) - $98
I actually prefer this color. It could look interesting on Emma with the right styling. 2 squirts
3. Tea House Cardi - $128
Something about this intrigued me at first glance but after a while it started looking like it was made from blanket fleece. The colors are gorgeous, though. 2 squirts
4. Atelier Sweater Jacket - $128
Perfect. 5 squirts

1. Loose Lines Cardi (in yellow or blue) - $118
Both colors would look darling on Emma. 3 squirts
2. Breezy Polkas Cardigan (in blue or red) - $98
I'm partial to the polka dots around the neckline but this isn't the perfect cardi for our favorite counselor, methinks. 2 squirts

Time for skirts!

1. Stable Skirt - $98
I completely love this. It's quirky and vintage-y, but not fug. I would love to see this on Emma. 5 squirts
2. Paisley Paths Skirt - $98
This would be lovely with a simple blouse, plain cardigan and statement jewelry. 4 squirts
3. Lincolnshire Skirt - $168
In the words of Teresa, GET IT PILLSBURY. (Also Teresa's favorite skirt!) 5 squirts
4. Fine Line Skirt - $148
I'd love to see this paired with an unusual, unexpected top. 4 squirts

1. Fennel Flower Skirt - $98
This screams Emma. J'adore. 5 squirts
2. Sidewalk Garden Skirt - $78
Beautiful colors and great silhouette but not quite making the grade. 3 squirts
3. Licorice Lanes Skirt - $78
The Trampoline Skirt made me love Emma in an A-line just as much as in a pencil skirt. I think this would be stunning on her, and the bright colors are great for television. 4 squirts
4. Lost Time Skirt - $118
Another great A-Line, but it's only calling Emma's name at about 75% volume. 3 squirts

And now, some dresses!

1. Vestiges Dress - $148
With a cardi over the top, this would be fantastic. 4 squirts
2. Seaside Fields Dress - $138
The unusual color combination is Emma all the way. Put a cardi over it and we're good. 4 squirts
2. Sugar-Coated Shirtdress - $128
I think I'd like to see Emma in these 50s/60s silhouettes from time to time. 3 squirts
3. Babergh Dress - $188
If Emma doesn't wear this dress I'm never watching Glee again. Not really, but I like to threaten. 5 squirts


1. Culmination Blouse - $88
She. Must. Wear. This. 5 squirts
2. Ocelot Blouse - $178
I love how silly this blouse is. Emma would totally wear it. 4 squirts
3. Damson Lace Blouse - $99.95
This is lovely. Emma doesn't bare her arms much but if she does it should be in a blouse like this. 4 squirts
4. Candied Dots Blouse - $78
Soopah cute. 3 squirts

And one more piece...

Lima Lines Skirt $98
Emma would totally not wear this but LIMA Lines, y'all! 5 squirts for the name

While browsing, I noticed plenty of pieces that cried the name of one Miss Rachel Berry. We know that her style is a mini-me version of Emma's sometimes. Rachel-worthy ratings, however, must be gold stars, of course.

1. Chopsticks Cardigan - $148
If this doesn't show up on Lea Michele in S2, I will be shocked. Shocked, I tell you! 5 gold stars
2. Chocolate Box Cardigan - $128
I would love this on Rachel! 4 gold stars
3. Keeping Tabs Tee - $39.95
The quirky typewriter fabric is all Rachel, but the silhouette is a bit too frumpy for her, I think. 3 gold stars
4. Milky Way Top - $198
Adorkable! 4 gold stars

Rachel's penchant for animal-print sweaters can be satisfied at Anthropologie. 5 gold stars for everything just for being so hysterical.

1. Mallard Bay Cardigan - $128
2. Slow and Steady Cardigan - $128
3. Dog Trot Cardigan - $128

1. Migrating Mallard Cardigan - $168
2. In Flight Cardigan - $168
3. Poni Cardigan - $328
4. Andalusian Horse Dress - $298
Actually very cute!

So WWEPWers, what are your thoughts? Which of these Anthro pieces could you see Emma (or Rachel!) wearing in S2?


Rose-Helen said...

The Babergh Dress is just awesome !

Krameymartin said...

I love Anthro and I love Emma. It would be so great if they met!

Celeste said...

Omigosh I can't stop laughing at the Poni Cardigan!

dinagideon said...

I cannot believe how long it has been since I have commented.

I love your rating system and I love this post. How adorable.

I looked through them all and did my own ratings and most of the time your # of squirts matched my # of squirts. LOL...that sounded funny, but whatevs.

Please do another post just like this at some point in the future!

Melissa at Silly Bee's Chickadees said...

You should charge Anthro a marketing consulting fee!

Anyhoo, on a couple of the low necklines, Emma has surprised us before! Plus a v-neck means more space for IYB bows!

I have to give Plum Blossom Cardi 2 squirts. It's a little boxy for Emma's little figure.

And I'm on the fence about Milky Way Top. I would even give it a 2.

The stable skirt is fab! How would everyone style it using the other Antrho pieces?

And OMCardi Clips! What were they thinking with those animal cardis at the bottom? Even Anthro isn't perfect. I should make a cat sock puppet and tack it onto a cardigan to sell for $300!

Teresa said...

Omg Danielle, I have been anticipating this post and WOWZA!!! That Lincolnshire skirt is the very first thing I am blowing my paycheck on once school starts!! I am in love with stand so much of what you posted!! It is like I died and went to cardi heaven!

I can't wait for the season to start to see what Emma will wear!

Anonymous said...

Amazing job Danielle! I agree with everything! I especialy love the Pattern Ponder Cardigan! I have been planning on making it mine ever since it first appeared on the website! Let's hope Lou listens to your amazing advice! :)

Emma said...

oh my god, i have to go shopping now!

AmyB said...

I see Amy Berra wearing the Keeping Tabs tee (and how funny that I am actually wearing it TO-DAY) and believe it when I say NOT FRUMPY AT ALL!!!

They had the Pattern Ponder Cardi with a fab navy polka dot skirt (WHICH I COULD NOT FIND IN THE STORE-SO MAD) in the window...love love love..want want want.

I love that I spent about 2 hours in Anthropologie on Saturday and I recognize almost everything. LOVE IT ALL!!!

Anonymous said...

Watching Glee right now and thinking "this is SO spot on!"

Funny, spot-on and imaginative post.



Ruby@Ruby'sMusings said...

Anthro lover here as well, and in fact been collecting pics for a post involving Anthro...I shall link to this page if that is ok when I do it...sharing your wonderful blog and Anthro all at the same time ! OH and I just gave you the "You make me smile" award ...go to my blog and claim it!!Just copy the button and post it to your blog and pass it on...or not, it is ok...just wanted to let you know you make me smile.

Heather said...

I was browsing Anthro's website last night, looking for perfect, Emma-worthy pieces to add to my wardrobe (or dream about, anyway). As much as I want to be Emma, I guess I'm a Rachel, because I came thisclose to buying the turtle sweater, and the dog sweater. Then I saw the shipping and duty to Canada, and decided I didn't need them that much.

I do own the clock skirt though. LOVE IT.

sweetarchivia said...

hahah I agree - the Lincolnshire skirt is TO DIE FOR! Love the squirt rating system! *ahem* I shall go sanitize my hands now in honor of Emma's amazing style.

luckydame said...

Just found your blog and I just adore it!!!

Tea said...

Love this post! And all your analysis! If I had to put my money on anything it would be the skirts - Lincolnshire, Fennel and Licorice! I think they'd all be perfect on Emma!

Cardi-wise I'd have to go for Whirl and Wind - it's yellow and it has crazy frills! What's not to like?

I kinda like Pick a Bunch, Tea House and Loose lines too!

Anonymous said...

I bought the Precious Materials Cardigan the other day (it was on sale at Anthro-Fabulous!) and then saw Emma with it on the show. I was so excited because I adore her style and bought it as it reminded me of her.

I just found your blog this morning and love it. Your posts are fantastic and I love the organization, style and creativity displayed on your site. I will be visiting often!

Great job and keep up the good work!