Sunday, December 27, 2009

Channeling Emma

What I wore...

on Christmas Day.

How do you channel your inner Emma? Send me a link to or picture of your favorite clothing or outfit and I'll post your look! (email to emmapillsbury at gmail dot com)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's A Festivus Miracle!

I'm going to take a break from the Airing of Grievances to thank the Glee Gods for the best holiday present EVER! Tune in to FOX tonight, December 23 at 8PM and 9PM and again on Wednesday, December 30 at 8PM and 9PM for four previously aired episodes of Glee, including a few extra special treats.

We can relive some of Emma's best outfits from Preggers, The Rhodes Not Taken and Vitamin D!

Yay! Kristin Chenoweth! Yellow dresses!

And even though Emma's not in Throwdown, I guess we'll enjoy that, too.

And stay tuned to WWEPW for (fingers crossed, if the Mail Gods are as generous as the Glee Gods) a review of the bonus features on the Glee Season 1, Volume 1: The Road to Sectionals DVD, available everywhere on December 29!

Now, off to find that pole...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What Would Emma Wear? - Holiday Parties

Katie writes:

First of all I ADORE your blog. Second of all I was wondering if you could answer this question. What would Emma wear to a Christmas formal/cocktail event?

Thanks, Katie! What a fun question!

I'm choosing this Nanette Lepore Flores Sea Dress for Emma to wear to a holiday party. (Love the Sergio Rossi peep toe pumps on the model, too. Not too flashy, perfect for Emma.)

These Jimmy Choo Libra Patent peep toes would look great on her, too.

No necklace, just this Sofia Cluster Bracelet from Stella & Dot.

What do you think? What would Emma wear to a holiday event? Leave a comment or email me at emmapillsbury at gmail dot com. I'd love to hear your ideas!

Happy holidays, everyone!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Emma Pillsbury Fashion ID - Updates

From Showmance:

Emma's skirt, worn with a taupe sweater and coral accents:

J.Crew Abstract Lattice Pencil Skirt

She also wears the taupe J.Crew Jackie Cardigan in this scene (and many others).

Believe it or not, this green beaded necklace...

is from Target!

From Acafellas:

Emma's sweater in this scene is actually black, not brown.

Diane von Furstenberg Georgian Cardigan

From The Rhodes Not Taken:

Emma's green cardigan
- love the little bows on the pockets

Nanette Lepore Tea Party Cardigan

Emma's classic sleeveless dress

Nanette Lepore Sunny Day Dress

From Vitamin D:

Emma's short-sleeve blue cardigan

Ann Taylor LOFT Short Sleeve Cardigan with Flower Detail

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Emma Pillsbury Style - Get The Look - Pea Coat with Beret and Tie Neck Sweater

Juicy Couture Ruffle Cuff Pea Coat

Unfortunately, this is out of season and not available in stores any more, but I have seen a few on eBay if this coat is a must-have for you! I think it's adorable.

I'm more of a trench coat kind of girl, but there are plenty of feminine pea coats out there right now that I would wear in a second.

Emma's coat looks fantastic with her white beret, sitting just the right amount of off-kilter on her head. Could the styling on this show be any more perfect? Give these berets a look:

Also, from this scene, Emma wears a winter-white sweater with a threaded ribbon that ties at the neck. Some similar sweaters:

Emma Pillsbury Fashion Caps - Sectionals - Green Pea Coat

Guess what?

A white cashmere sweater is the perfect garment for packing boxes. Good to know.


Oh, hai.


Why thank you, Will, for bending over to give us a better look at that coat.



Friday, December 18, 2009

Emma Pillsbury Fashion Caps - Sectionals - Wedding Dress

We all know the marriage between Emma and Ken was doomed from the start. This platter confirms it.

Because there is no way Miss Emma Pillsbury would ever desire, select, or eat luncheon meats rolled up by the hands of a stranger. And who knows how long they've been sitting out, collecting bacteria!

The whole idea of it is simply impossible, especially at her wedding.

But Will.

Look how...clean he is.

First I was all...crying.

Then I was all...screaming.

Then I was all...yeah, that makes sense.


And then I was all...OMG she's really leaving!

And then I was all...I wonder what's in that box.

(THE Wedding Dress is by J.Crew. The embellished hairpiece was made on set.)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jayma Mays' Purple Coat at Dunkin Donuts Appearance

As soon as I saw the purple coat she wore at the Dunkin Donuts appearance last week, I knew I would have to track it down, no matter how long it might take.

Thankfully, WWEPW has the most amazing readers ever, who know their fashion when they see it. Some lovely soul informed me today that Jayma's ruffle-front coat is by Plastic Island and can be found at Macy's and other select stores. (Check their website for more locations.) Thank you, thank you, Dear Observant Reader With Excellent Memory!

Here's a scan of the coat from People Style Watch (September, 2009):

Check out the Plastic Island website - it's easy to see why this line is a big hit in Hollywood lately. Super cute stuff!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Emma Pillsbury Style - Get The Look - Red Skirt and Floral Sweater

I really think every woman should have a great red skirt in her wardrobe. To me, red's a neutral. It looks great on anyone and it goes with just about anything.

And no one can rock the floral sweater like Emma. Floral sweaters can most definitely end up in the wrong territory, but Emma's outfits are great examples of how to make a floral top stylish instead of saccharine.

J.Crew frequently has great bold floral sweaters in their spring and summer collections. Here are some of my favorites from the recent past:

And some others:

I've not been able to locate the sweater Emma wears to Sectionals, but when I do, you'll be the first to know!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Emma Pillsbury Fashion Caps - Sectionals - Red and White

Will! Will! The Jane Addams girls have stolen our numbers! The kids are freaking out! I don't know what to do!

Emma, take a deep breath and calm down. Everything is going to be all right. Think about it. You know what to do.

Oh, Will. You're right. I've got it. I know exactly what to do.

Miss Hitchens. Mr. Rumba. I'm Emma Pillsbury, the faculty advisor for McKinley High's glee club.

Did you think we wouldn't notice that you've stolen our numbers for Sectionals, Miss Hitchens? Don't worry, we've got the performances under control. I think we're going to need to settle this matter between us, though, don't you, Miss Hitchens?

What are you proposing?

Hmmm, let's see.

Ah, yes. I know.

A Bang-Off.


You've never heard of a Bang-Off? Battle of the Bangs? And you call yourself an educator.

So what do you say?


I'll be the judge. I had SCARLET FEVER. I can be objective.

It's settled then. May the best bangs win.

Firm, yet bouncy. Shapely, yet soft. Nice bangs, very nice.

Mmmm hmmmm.

Mmmmmmmm hmmmmmmm.

I have chosen the winner! The best bangs belong to..., Miss Pillsbury.