Saturday, December 12, 2009

Jayma Mays at Dunkin Donuts Holiday Event in New York City

Could she be any more adorable? No.


Julie Chang should be fired for not asking her about that coat! And now, to find it.


Nicolle said...

That was adorable! When I first saw the show I thought Jayma Mays was putting on an accent but after watching a few interviews I saw thats how she really talks! Very cute! Also love the purple coat, speaking of coats, I think Julie Chen's coat is the red Marc Jacobs coat Emma wears in glee! The buttons are the same and a few times you can get a glimps of the buttons on the belt loops!! And I crazy or is it the same coat??

Danielle said...

I think it is the same coat!

Em said...

Adorable coat. Jayma can't really sing.... cute performace though.

Anonymous said...

That's not Julie Chen (CBS Anchor), that's Julie Chang, a reporter for FOX.

Anyway, Jayma is adorable here. She has a really unique voice that I quite enjoy.

Anonymous said...

The coat Emma is wearing is from Plastic Island and you can find it a Macy's. It was featured in the October issue of People Style Watch on page 136.

Danielle said...

Thanks for the name correction - fixed!

And thank you THANK YOU for finding the coat! WWEPW has the best readers!