Friday, December 18, 2009

Emma Pillsbury Fashion Caps - Sectionals - Wedding Dress

We all know the marriage between Emma and Ken was doomed from the start. This platter confirms it.

Because there is no way Miss Emma Pillsbury would ever desire, select, or eat luncheon meats rolled up by the hands of a stranger. And who knows how long they've been sitting out, collecting bacteria!

The whole idea of it is simply impossible, especially at her wedding.

But Will.

Look how...clean he is.

First I was all...crying.

Then I was all...screaming.

Then I was all...yeah, that makes sense.


And then I was all...OMG she's really leaving!

And then I was all...I wonder what's in that box.

(THE Wedding Dress is by J.Crew. The embellished hairpiece was made on set.)


Anonymous said...

That wedding spread was so tacky (Cheetos, Chex mix, cold cuts, lollipops), and showed so clearly that Emma had very, very little input in or enthusiasm for her own wedding plans. Ken obviously did everything. Which is sad, really, for both of them. All those quick cuts showing the food and the hall made me laugh, though.

Will looked fantastic in his suit. Absolutely gorgeous! And yes -- clean. ;)

Have you seen this Sectionals behind the scenes video? I haven't seen it mentioned here and it's so cute.


Rachel K said...

I love this blog! I was wondering if you could speculate as to what Miss Emma Pillsbury would wear on a day off - you know kinda casual. Oh and that dress is to die for and Will is such a hottie in that suit! Mmmmmm!

Lisa said...

I think you and I had the exact same reactions while watching this scene! Including "I wonder what's in that box."

Glad you liked my post about your blog! You are a beacon of light to all of us Glee fanatics :)

nicolle said...

I love this scene, absolutely heartbreaking! When Will looked up at her with tears in his eyes i just about died!! He looked sooooo amazing!

Kallie said...

his heart is in that box...her dress is stunning.

Em said...

adorable... and thanks for posting that link anonymous!