Sunday, October 18, 2009

Emma Pillsbury Fashion Caps - Showmance - Coral

Oh, Emma. This may be my favorite outfit of all time. How will you ever top this? I'm sure you will, but right now I'm kind of skeptical.

Yes, please take a moment to straighten those papers on your desk so I can take a longer look at that incredible piece of jewelry around your neck.

A gorgeous pairing!


Liz said...

Favorite outfit :D <333 They currently have 2 of these skirts in a size 4 on ebay. :( Sadly that isn't my size :(

Rachel said...

Just spied a copycat of this necklace at JCPENNEY, of all places, for, get this...$10!!! Brand is Mix It.

Charlotte Parker said...

Yes, that necklace is awesome! And that's sayign something, since I don't wear jewelry.