Saturday, December 4, 2010

Emma Pillsbury Fashion Sneak Preview - A Very Glee Christmas

Another sneak peek at another outfit!

White bow-tie blouse
Green skirt (previously seen in Hello)
Giant poinsettia brooch

This is so blurry I feel like I should be looking for a second spitter.

Nice game, pretty boy.


Leigh said...

This one isn't quite as big, but it's the same look! There are lots of poinsettia brooches on ebay and etsy right now. Me, I've got more Christmas brooches than I can handle, thanks to my grandmother's obsession with them. She wore a different one every day in December!

Anonymous said...

wasn't the white bow tie blouse in the rocky horror pic show episode? it just had a yellow flower pin instead of the red one.

Danielle said...

That one had short sleeves. :)