Sunday, December 5, 2010

Channeling Emma - Grosgrain

A single Cardi Clips link does not do justice to Kathleen Frances' site, Grosgrain.

Remember her DIY version of the Kate Spade bee cardi?

Well, there's more!

How about a handmade version of the Kate Spade Beeline Billie cardigan for under $10? Including a faux bow blouse underneath. No, I'm not kidding.

Or maybe you'd like to travel back in time to the first 13 episodes, when Emma's presence was as plentiful as the amount of leg Ken Tanaka showed.

A do-it-yourself version of the Anthro Moth leaf petals cardigan might do the trick.

This month is Embellish Knit month on Grosgrain. Kathleen Frances is transforming one sweater a day for an entire month. These are just three of her amazing creations. If you're an Anthropologie fan, you'll definitely want to check this feature out. There are some tutorials that are so spot on, you won't be able to tell the original from the DIY version.

There are so many of Emma's sweater's I'd love to see Kathleen Frances wave her magic wand over, starting with the Kate Spade fake baby ribbon cardigan. Be inspired by Kathleen Frances and try giving an old sweater new life!

You can follow Grosgrain on Twitter, too.

Yay, Grosgrain! Grosgrain, hooray!


AmyB said...

Fake baby ribbon cardi. Ahhaahaahaha!

AmyB said...

BTW awesome & amazing Kathleen!

Jen said...

O my gosh! These are amazing!!

Betty said...

That's some amazing talent and some really smart creativity!

Betty said...

P.S. I think that I prefer her versions to the originals. Job well done!

Liz H. said...

OMG i loooooooooove this so much <3 now i must make this Beeline Billie Cardi <3 My love for Grosgrain is insane <3 :)

Jamie said...

So is she taking orders :)

Kathleen Frances said...

I just saw this post today and am blushing a bright red! Thank u so much for the mention.... Well more than a mention! I'm beyond flattered.

I heart u 2 Wwepw!


Anonymous said...

I love the Anthro Moth leaf petals cardigan but do you think vegan-friendly felt would still look good on the sweater? Or should I totally nix the felt idea and try a different fabric altogether?