Thursday, December 2, 2010

Emma Pillsbury Fashion Sneak Preview - A Very Glee Christmas

Next week, Emma wears the winter white skirt once paired with the Kate Spade Beeline Billie Cardigan.

It looks just as great with a tomato red tie-front sweater and three birds brooch. Kathleen and I had a fun email exchange where I tried to decipher this brooch from a small version of this picture.

At first I thought it was happy prancing reindeer. Then Kathleen said I was cray cray and the brooch was three birds.

So I looked closer.

And I still thought it was reindeer.

And then I got home from work, where everything on the internet is blocked, and I could finally see the large versions of the pics.

And it still looked like reindeer.

So I enlarged the photo until all I could see was the brooch.

And I finally saw the birds.

It might be time for a new eye exam.

Fortunately my girl Kathleen was also able to do a little detective work on the sweater, and found a possible ID:

What do you think, WWEPWers? Is Emma wearing this Ann Taylor Loft Tie-Front sweater? It looks like a match to me!


Catherine said...

Oh my gosh. I almost spit out my drink when I opened this on my google reader. First pic = hilarious. Thanks for the chuckles!

(and yes, the shirt looks like a match. it looks good on her, but I can't help but think she's slummin' it a bit with the Loft... and I'm currently wearing pants from there.)

Danielle said...

HEE! I'm glad you got to see that Catherine! I ended up taking it out when I blew up the picture (again!) and realized the skirt was different!

But if others want to see it, my friend Jonathan from GleekReport made it...

The Embroidered Felted Wool Cardigan That Shall Not Be Named


Anonymous said...

Awfully close, but not a match. The Ann Taylor sweater has raglan sleeves, but it looks like Emma's is a normal set-in sleeve (you can see the seam along the top of the sleeve in picture #2). Still, close enough for government work, as they say! And awfully cute.

Emma said...

I love the outfit! It's so cute and perfect for the holidays!!!

Shawna said...
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Shawna said...

This isn't the shirt, but it's a nice alternative for those who want to recreate the look:

Leigh said...

I now have a habit of checking her brooches to see if it's anything I've come across in my searches. It's kind of hard to shut off now. Thanks for helping me to figure this one out! I've never seen this one, but I've seen many "3 bird" brooches, so at one time or another, this much have been a "thing." :-)

lilbailey said...

No joke, Danielle, I thought it was a reindeer too. But maybe this means we're both blind...

AmyB said...

3 birds!

I still say the green sweater one is a happy christmas kitten.

and EPIC win on Voldy wearing TFWCTSNBN.

Anonymous said...

It's not the exact same sweater, but if anyone wants to Gleebay that Loft look-alike, there's some good options.




Shawna said...!

A second of Emma in a white shirt with a bow collar and a new broach and a green skirt!

goldenmeans said...

That brooch is adorable! And very "Emma" :)

Oh, and it is almost definitely not the top in question, but this ModCloth blouse seems like a good option for anyone looking for a close alternative to recreate the look!

Tea said...

That's so funny! I really thought they were reindeer at first too - I think because I really wanted them to be! And when I realised they were birds I kind of needed them to be three French hens because 1) I'm a little Christmas obsessed and 2) I want Emma to have some slightly crazy twelve days of Christmas brooches