Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sectionals vs. Sectionals

Another year, another Sectionals.

Why should New Directions be the only ones to take part in competition? I think the two Sectionals episodes should go up against each other, head-to-head. Fashion included, of course. Here's my take:

Emma Helps Will

S1: Emma wants to help will out more than anything by taking his place as the Glee Club sponsor for Sectionals. More than anything = postponing her wedding.
S2: This Emma is bold and confident, and gives Will some food for thought about the set list for Sectionals. Emma is good with metaphors about stars.
Point: Season 2 for plot, Season 1 for sweater. Love that vintage cardi.

Song Selection

S1: Mercedes belts out "And I Am Telling You."
S2: Rachel and Kurt duet on "Don't Cry for Me Argentina."
Point: Season 2. Evita trumps all.

That Other Guy in Glee Club

S1: Matt.
S2: Sam.
Point: Season 1.

Will's Pep Talks

S1: Will is gentle and sincere as he pumps the kids up to win at Sectionals.
S2: So much drama going on makes Will an angry boy. He softens toward the ends of his speeches, but he's doing a lot of yelling at the kids this time around.
Point: Season 1.

The Twelfth Member

S1: Jacob.
S2: Lauren.
Point: Tie. I can't decide between Jacob's hair and Lauren's penchant for push-ups and Cadbury eggs, out of season.

Bus Talk

S1: Will leaves the kids in Emma's capable hands.
S2: Emma leaves Will and the kids to head to Sectionals without her.
Point: Season 1. But not by much. In both seasons, Emma's decisions are a bit too motivated by what will make her crush-du-jour happy for my liking. I prefer level-headed Emma. Season 2 for coat. Mmmm, Kate Spade.

Speaking of...

Emma's Man

S1: Ken Tanaka.
S2: Dr. Carl Howell.
Point: Season 1. The story arc of her relationship with Ken was integrated much more seamlessly into the plot of season 1. Much funnier, too.

Friend Rachel

S1: Rachel gives up the solo to Mercedes.
S2: Rachel supports Kurt in his decision to transfer to Dalton.
Point: Tie. Rachel's the most complex and layered character on this show, with Kurt coming in a close second. In both scenes, Rachel lives up to her self-proclaimed title of the stunning young ingenue everyone roots for.

But then...

Can I Talk To You, Finn?

S1: Rachel reveals Puck and Quinn's secret to Finn, partially for selfish reasons. She quickly realizes what a mistake she's made.
S2: Rachel reveals to Finn that she cheated with Puck, out of revenge. She quickly realizes what a mistake she's made.
Point: Season 2. For the incredible breakdown she has in the hallway at the end of this scene.

Guest Stars

S1: Michael Hitchcock, Eve.
S2: Nobody.
Point: Season 1. Please. Michael is the best guest star on Glee, period.

The Competition

S1: Jane Addams sings "And I Am Telling You" and "Proud Mary." Haverbrook sings "Don't Stop Believin'."
S2: The Hipsters sing "The Living Years" (while our ears bled). The Dalton Warblers sing "Hey Soul Sister."
Point: Season 1. Easy. That season 1 scene was brilliant. Although, I was surprised that I didn't hate the Train song. To quote Dana of Possessionista: "I thought I was sick of Hey Soul Sister, but it turns out, I'm just sick of Train."

Behind The Curtain

S1: Rachel contemplates the importance of what she's about to do. It's her moment, and the fate of the Glee Club rests in her hands.
S2: Two pretty blond kids think about how much they like each other, OMG like totally a lot.
Point: Season 1. There was actual depth to that moment.

The Entrance

S1: Rachel busts through the curtain at the back of the auditorium, surprising everyone.
S2: Sam enters from the back of the auditorium, surprising no one.
Point: Season 1. An unplanned, unrehearsed performance beginning in an unconventional way.

New Directions' Performances

S1: "Don't Rain On My Parade." "You Can't Always Get What You Want."
S2: "Time of My Life." "Valerie."
Point: Season 1. No contest. At all. The cinematography of the audience rising to their feet to dance and clap and sing along was nothing short of genius during "Don't Rain." For "You Can't Always Get What You Want," New Directions was, in Finn's words, "best when they're loose." Brittany and Mike's talent is undeniable, but both numbers felt choppy and were less cohesive than they should have been.

The Judging

S1: Candace Dystra. New Directions wins.
S2: This guy. It's a tie.
Point: Season 1. Who isn't still quoting, "They weren't singing, they were, like, honking. And I was like, get off the stage, you're terrible, and you're making me super uncomfortable." I miss this irreverent brilliance Glee used to have in small moments like this one. And a tie? Really? Yawn.

Emma's Revelation

S1: Ken left her at the altar. She admits to Will that she's in love with him. "One look from you and I'd have been out the door."
S2: She went to Vegas for the weekend and married Dr. Carl.
Point: Season 1. That moment was truly heartwrenching. When Emma cried, and revealed her feelings of shame and embarrassment, my chest ached for her. Running off to Vegas for 24 hours to get married? Not much drama there, except oh, hey, Emma's married now. Admittedly, I didn't see it coming - at all - but it just didn't have the impact for me that the season 1 revelation moment had. The season 2 moment will likely be remembered and talked about more, for sheer shock value, but it didn't have the depth of character and richness of the first season. Season 1 for wedding dress, Season 2 for brooch.

The Final Number

S1: "My Life Would Suck Without You."
S2: "The Dog Days Are Over."
Point: Season 1. A group of underdog kids sing a tribute to their favorite teacher. Bring me the tissues. And, oh, that retrospective choreography. Swoon.

The Cliffhanger

S1: Will runs to Emma before she leaves WMHS and kisses her. It's such a great kiss it makes her crosseyed. We're left wondering what will happen between them in the back 9. The wait seems endless.
S2: Emma embraces her new husband, but has a clear look of regret, or at least, confusion, on her face. We're left wondering what will happen between them, and what the future holds for her and Will.
Point: Season 2. Emma's face in that moment was full of so many emotions. Has a taste of freedom from her OCD allowed her to get too caught up in the moment, too carried away? Beautiful performance by Jayma, here. In a split second, her face says so much. Season 1 takes the fashion point. Green pea coat all the way across the sky!

Okay, let's total it up!

Season 1: 14 points.
Season 2: 6 points.

Fashion Season 1: 3 points.
Fashion Season 2: 2 points.

Sectionals Season 1 is the clear winner!

Now let's all go to Breadsticks and celebrate.


wordnerd said...

AWESOME post, Danielle!


Anonymous said...

I agree! Really cool post!! I hadn't realized all the similarities between "Sectionals" and "Special Education". Great job :)

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more!! Last night's show, while it had its (few) moments, didn't hold a candle to season one's sectionals.

Celeste said...

i completely agree with everything! especially the part about the two pretty blond kids behind the curtain :)

Stephanie said...

Great post! Season 1 sectionals were better in my opinion too.

Angsthase said...

a completely enjoyable post! it made me laugh so much :) thanks, as ever.

Kate said...

Awesome post, it made me happy, especially considering that episode made me so *unhappy.* I seriously hope this episode was intentionally set up to parallel last year's sectionals because otherwise, the writers are just going off the rails. At least Emma's clothes still rock. I tried to convince my husband I needed that kate spade coat (on sale now! for um ... 500 dollars) but to no avail. :)

Anonymous said...

i love it! i agree with all of it, except "the other guy in glee club" i like sam, and think he has a great voice. it doesn't make my change my mind about "behind the curtain", though. rachel's scene was much, much better.
thanx, that was fun!

CPF said...

AMAZING post!!!

Anonymous said...

Great post! In terms of Jacob vs. Lauren, though, I would give a clear win to Lauren for:

1. Being a wrestler.
2. Rocking Puck's world during Seven Minutes in Heaven.

- Chicklet

DB said...

Awesome post!

That made my day!

Tacie said...


Jax said...

Season 1 sectionals was SO much better. And I miss Emma's old hair! You are definitely right about the behind the curtain moment being better in season 1, and about the Emma revelation. Her telling Will that she can't look at him without feeling heartbroken had me in tears. (And of course the surprise Vegas wedding made me cry/have stomach cramps...I need Will and Emma from the f13 back....and Emma's signature hair flip back...)

Anonymous said...

Great post and very true. Although, I did enjoy the end of sectionals season 1 better than sectionals season 2. I just want emma to be with will so darn bad! I know they will drag it out though.

AmyB said...

Well done, Miss D.

Anonymous said...

Nice post, thanks so much. I enjoyed reading it. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything except:

Jacob VS Lauren: Lauren clearly takes the cake for me. Perhaps it is because the actress played Carter on HUGE, which was cancelled after just 10 episodes about 2 months ago. :-(

Emma's Man: Tie for me. I know we all kinda hate Uncle Jesse around here, but he is kind of growing on me? ButI'mStillEmma/Will4Eva!!!Don'tJudge

Final Number: Songwise, it goes to Dog Days. Moment wise, MLWSWY.

But this whole thing was so true. I thought Special Ed. (wait, where did that title come from? Anyone?) was pretty dull, as this whole season was, except for a few standout eps (Gwyneth! Darren! The Grilled Cheesus!)I think that Glee is starting to jump the shark, as much as it pains me to say that. I want the magic of the first 13 back!

Love, Emily