Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Giveaway - Shabby Apple Dress

I thought I'd found every Emma-esque piece of clothing on the internet, but I was wrong. I just hadn't discovered Shabby Apple yet.

About Shabby Apple
After years of not being able to find stylish dresses that covered enough skin to make you really feel comfortable (without wearing a tank top, cardigan or long slip), owners Emily and CK decided to do something about it.

They visited trade shows, marketplaces and designer studios only to discover the problem was not that department stores weren't buying the right dresses, but that designers weren't designing them.

Shabby Apple is proud to offer you fantastic dresses that allow you to look fabulous, without having to compromise anything else.

And best of all? They love Glee.

I lamented the fact that Emma didn't wear enough dresses in the first thirteen episodes. Fortunately we got to see a few more dresses, including the red Valentino bow dress and the pink and purple Kate Spade favorite, in the back 9. Now I will spend the rest of the hiatus demanding a Shabby Apple dress for Emma in season 2, because really - they are perfect for her. Take a look:

Women's Dresses on Shabby Apple

I love that you can shop by style and by body type on this website. Fabulous.

Emma needs to wear at least one of these:

Bethesda Fountain - Look at that bow!
Fifth Ave - With a cardi in a contrasting color, the whimsical giraffe print skirt would turn heads!
Tuileries - I love Emma in yellow. And ruffles.

Shoes, accessories, even dresses for girls - Shabby Apple has beautiful pieces for women of any age and size. That's why I was thrilled when they contacted me about this very special dress giveaway for WWEPW readers.

L'Opera Magenta Cotton Lawn Ruffle Dress

For the girl who is truly moved by mauve and passionate about purple, l'Opera is the ultimate show-stopper. Made for a prima donna, this magnificent magenta frock is all scallop and show, with a row of flouncy ruffles descending from the left shoulder across the chest, flutter sleeves, and a cinched waist. Pair it with gold heels and an arm full of bangles to stop the show, or ballet flats and a silk shawl for a sweeter look. The light and airy cotton blend is the perfect answer to getting dressed up in the summer's heat, and the length keeps things ladylike when you take a seat on the grass to watch Shakespeare in the Park. Value: $88

Simply gorgeous. And it can be yours.

How to Enter:
1. Please visit Shabby Apple online. Treat yourself to a pretty new dress, if you can!

2. Leave a comment here, telling which Shabby Apple dress is your favorite. (The Madison Ave is totally me. J'adore.) Please note: Shabby Apple does not ship outside the US. The winner will need to supply a US address to receive this dress.

Entries will be accepted until 6PM on Wednesday, July 7. The winner will be notified and will need to respond within one week with their dress size and address to claim their lovely prize!

Shabby Apple is also offering a 10% discount to WWEPW readers for the duration of this giveaway! Use coupon code wwepw10off when making your purchase!

Thank you so much to the great people at Shabby Apple for sharing this beautiful dress with WWEPW readers. If you're a Shabby Apple customer, I'd love to do a Channeling Emma in Shabby Apple feature, so send me photos of yourselves wearing Shabby Apple dresses!

For more Shabby Apple goodness:




Shabby Apple on Facebook

Monday, June 28, 2010

Etsy Shops - Rebecca3030


Yesterday while chatting with Teresa, I got a little distracted by shiny things on Etsy. And that distraction led to the discovery of this AMAZING shop.

Rebecca3030 - Urban Rose

So many of Rebecca's pieces remind me of Emma. Take a look:

This vintage enamel flower necklace:

Candy - Enamel Flower Statement Necklace

reminded me of this vintage enamel flower brooch.

This gorgeous vintage enamel flower piece:

Spring Cheer Vintage Enamel Flower Necklace

reminded me of this gorgeous enamel flower piece:

These sweet daisy earrings:

Dear Daisy Vintage Flower Earrings

reminded me of this sweet daisy necklace.

This red, white and blue necklace:

Happy Fourth of July Vintage Enamel Flower Statement Necklace

reminded me of this red, white and blue brooch.

These asymmetrical pearl necklaces:

The Courtship - A Vintage Limoges Cameo and Pearl Necklace

Berries Vintage Asymmetrical Necklace

reminded me of my favorite necklace Emma has ever worn (for much too short a time) - this asymmetrical purple pearl necklace.

And here's the thing I love best: every one of Rebecca's pieces is handcrafted from personally selected vintage pieces. Which means for less than the cost of a single piece of mass-produced department store jewelry, you can have a unique, individual, one-of-a-kind treasure.

I'm sure Emma would approve of that.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Making Up Emma: Showmance

Hi everyone! Hope your summer is off to a fantastic start! It's time for another installment of our weekly Glee hiatus fix!

Summer Rewind

Showmance 1.02

The second episode of Glee starts with a BANG!

Literally, Emma bangs into Will.

She might look like a baby deer in a cardigan, but she’s got some messy (WINK WINK) ideas in her mind when it comes to one William River Schuester. (Will's mom was a hippie in her day, it was either River or Starshine.)

With Emma’s childhood dreams of being a guidance-counselor-ninja now shattered, she moves on to helping Will clean that classroom that apparently has not been cleaned since 1973 with the attention Will is giving it. (Speaking as a teacher, I was lucky if my trashcans got emptied every day. Can I get a job at McKinley where a fine-lookin’ janitor comes into my classroom and dusts and scrubs things down? I'll take a pay cut!)

After buffing and polishing the staplers, Will decides to test Emma’s germ phobia.

Emma’s heart races, her breath stops. HE IS TOUCHING HER NOSE. HER CUTE LIL’ SANITIZED BUTTON NOSE. If we had x-ray vision, this is what we would have seen:

Miss Pillsbury’s heart on fire and radioactive butterflies in her large intestine. Emma would be all weirded out by us seeing her x-ray though, so don’t stare.

The poor dear is so awestruck by being that close to Will, she doesn’t flinch when he gets a little carried away.

That owl has no real reason to be there. I just like owls. They always look so shocked and angry at everything. :D

As you can see, Emma’s hair is responding to her proximity to Will. In a few minutes, she’ll have a Mohawk.

A flustered Emma leaves Will to play with the chalk alone and goes to the bathroom to wash up and calm down! That was INTENSE!! Staring at each other like a couple of weirdos locked in a staring contest! She runs into resident pain-in-the-butt Rachel, who has her head inside the toilet. Emma briefly contemplates just shoving Rachel down totally but decides against it because she is a teacher, and because she thinks Rachel is feisty and will fight, and Emma is not wearing her ass-kicking J. Crew shoes today.

She takes the angsty teen back to her office for a little heart-to-heart.

Rachel asks Emma a serious question.

Emma is shocked. Did Rachel see her sexy little face-paint party with Will in the classroom? Oh God!! What else has she seen?! Did she see Emma peeping into Will’s bathroom that one time he took a bubble bath and she was driving by and like, thought she saw something suspicious happening in the window and had to check cause she’s part of the Neighborhood Watch even though she doesn’t live in Will’s neighborhood but she’s like, a good citizen?!?

She DID!! UGH. Rachel is everywhere! Emma goes out to her car to cry it all out for a bit, to a song that perfectly sums up her feelings for Will.

Don't fight Bieber fever. It's coming for us all.

Feeling better, she joins the Glee club in their R-Rated performance in front of the school, with another song that also perfectly sums up her feelings for Will:

BUT! There is one person who was NOT okay with the Chalk Incident. Ken (or Kin, as Emma calls him) Tanaka. Kin is peeved. He’s been begging Emma to go out with him by enticing her with all the best date ideas he knows.


While we’re here at this scene, a little makeup assessment:

False eyelashes are made of WIN.

After the kids got reprimanded by Figgins for performing that song Will finds Emma scrubbing a water fountain she would never be drinking out of with a toothbrush and asks her if they can play with chalk again (WINK WINK) later in the evening. Apparently, Will forgot about his sweet wife back home.

The day before, Terri informed him she is finally pregnant. With a ComfortEase Extra Firm pillow, but she’s pregnant nonetheless.

And although Emma would love nothing more than to let Will chalk her up once again, she does the right thing.

And this is where we leave our star-crossed, chalk-touching, sharpener-shining future-lovers. A woman as stylish and successful as Emma Pillsbury has resorted to dating a man made of Tater Tots who wears Daisy-Dukes every single day, and Will Schuester goes back to his "pregnant" wife and has to come up with new Glee songs that don't involve fornicatin'.

So, WWEPWers, fave Emma look from Showmance?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Would Emma Wear It? - Anthropologie Cardigans

It's official - I'm on summer vacation! Sort of. Although the school year has come to a close, I have several work projects going on this summer which will keep me quite busy - but not too busy for WWEPW! I've got some fun ideas in mind for the summer hiatus, and of course Teresa will be continuing her "Making Up Emma" series!

One of my priorities is to start to answer as many of the emails that I've been saving in my "Suggestions" folder as possible! Let's start with one from Mary K. who recently found some cardigans at Anthropologie and wondered if Emma might wear them.

Take a look and cast your votes!

Remaining Lilies Cardigan
- $128

Roaming Frills Cardigan - $88

Fleeting Light Cardigan - $198

A few of my favorite new, Emma-worthy cardigans from Anthro:
La Dominante Cardigan - $98
Earthly Delights Cardigan - $128
Annika Cardigan - $88

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Giveaway - Sweater Clips from It's A Swindle

I am so excited to host this giveaway from one of my favorite Etsy shops, It's A Swindle!

I first featured Meg's fantastic shop on WWEPW in a post about sweater clips and since then I've collected some of her clips from her for my own collection as well as given some away to WWEPW readers as a gift. I am a huge fan of Meg's creations!

Meg has generously offered one of her beautiful and most popular sweater clips for this giveaway!

The Marilyn Sweater Clip

Description: This handmade sweater clip has gorgeous silver rhinestone buttons held together by a stand of glass pearls. Approximately 5" from clip to clip with 1" buttons. Popularized in the 1950's, sweater clips are the perfect accessory for that retro look. Clip them on each side of your sweater, or wear them as decoration on your blouse and go out in style. This sweater clip is part of my new Noir series. Inspired by classic movies.

All of Meg's items are handmade, and she will also custom design an item for you if you have a special request or idea in mind! It's A Swindle has a wide array of affordable sweater clips and other vintage and retro-inspired accessories.

How To Enter:

1. Please visit Meg's shop, It's A Swindle. Buy something, if you can!

2. Leave a comment here, telling us which of the pieces from It's A Swindle is your favorite. (I'm completely in love with her Bat Sweater Clips at the moment.)

Entries will be accepted until 6PM on Thursday, July 1

Meg is also offering a 20% discount to WWEPW readers for the duration of this giveaway! All you have to do to take advantage of this discount is enter WWEPW in the notes to seller and she will refund the difference!

You can also find Meg's vintage shop here:

Thanks, Meg, for this wonderful giveaway! Someone's cardigan will be extra Emma-fied thanks to you!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Giveaway - Brooch from Vintage Envy

If you like Emma's red, white and blue vintage enamel brooch in this photo, you're going to LOVE this giveaway from Vintage Envy!

I featured Cyndie's amazing Etsy shop on WWEPW in March, because I fell in love with her vintage finds, and her original creations. Cyndie was kind enough to offer this beautiful vintage brooch, which looks remarkably like Emma's!

This fantastic piece would be a great addition to any jewelry box! And a perfect accessory for a Fourth of July outfit!

How To Enter:

1. Please visit Cyndie's shop, Vintage Envy. Be sure to check out the Emma Vintage Enamel Flower Earring Bracelet! Inspired by Emma Pillsbury! Buy something, if you can!

2. Leave a comment here, telling us which of the pieces from Vintage Envy is your favorite. (I am partial to the Neoclassical Beauty vintage earring bracelet!)

Entries will be accepted until 6PM on Monday, June 28.

Thank you, Cyndie and Vintage Envy for sharing this beautiful piece with us!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Making Up Emma - The Pilot

Hi guys! It’s Teresa!! I am so excited that so many people (okay, really 3) asked for me to Emma-fy the first 13 episodes while we are on this excruciatingly long hiatus! There is nothing that brings me more joy than making people laugh, Glee and MS Paint. This combines them all! Hope you enjoy!

Summer Rewind:

The Pilot (PB&J) 1.01

It was the moment it all began. The moment we will tell our grandchildren about.

The moment a blog was born.

Emma Pillsbury walks into the teacher’s lounge at McKinley High and everyone takes notice. Or not.

LOOK AT HER CLOTHES! Who's that lady? Forget the scene, and the fact that she’s putting plastic sandwich gloves on and wiping the already-clean table---look at that blouse. And where did that adorable cardigan come from?! It was that moment (for the purposes of this post) as legend has it, that Danielle had a little light bulb go off in her head: Emma would be wearing great clothes, and people would need to know about those great clothes.

Lightning struck! The light bulb BURST! A BLOG WAS BORN! 7 lbs 3 oz, WWEPW!!

So we all saw the Pilot, which is just called “Pilot” which is a lame title, so I’ve decided to call it “Peanut Butter & Jelly.” PB&J begins with some startling news:

The original Glee teacher was too soft for the rough slushie-throwers of McKinley High, so Emma tells Will Glee needs a new coach. She tries to be subtle, but subtlety is not one of Emma’s strong suits, as she looks like she just wants to devour Will right along with those carrot sticks. I think she has a crush….do you? I dunno….seems like it. Hmmm….

Will has to go home and think about it, because this rag-tag group of misfits is led by none other than RACHEL FREAKING BERRY. Does Will want that kind of responsibility?? Does he need that kind of stress?

He goes to bed. He thinks. Emma thinks. Will thinks. With his shirt off. Emma thinks about Will. With his shirt off. Her Bang Swoosh seems to rise the more she thinks. Emma desperately wants Will to take over Glee.

The next day, Emma has a dilemma. Do you notice how the name EMMA is inside of a DILEMMA? I just did. And we got our first glimpse of what would be known as Emma’s famous J. Crew Mary-Janes as the dainty counselor steps in some gum but reacts like she just stumbled into a pile of steaming horse turds.

Of course, Will saves her life. And then he asks her to chaperon a Glee trip with him. Of course, she says HECK YES I WILL, WILL. They’ve eaten together before, but not TOGETHER-TOGETHER. Their lunch dates usually looked like this:

Emma is SUPER-psyched to go on this trip with Will (and the kids, whatever). Maybe they can ditch the kids?

Will doesn’t like Hyderabadi biryani and prefers the richer flavor of Kozhikode biryani. Luckily, Emma has a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in her purse. Will practically wets himself over the gourmet flavor of Emma’s Giada-style sandwich with expensive, organic peanut butter and jelly made from hand-crushed berries harvested by Tibetan virgins in the springtime while chanting sacred hymns.

It is pretty clear that they are not really talking about peanut butter. At least Emma’s not. Will is going to need a glass of water after this sandwich. Emma is enjoying their conversation when suddenly, a voice bellows out:

RACHEL F. BERRY (the F is for FREAKING) interrupts their moment! Get used to it, Will and Emma, this girl has no boundaries and is ready to kill any romance at any chance she gets. WATCH OUT! Meanwhile, Will is still in the middle of his foodgasm.

After the performance, Emma has something serious to tell Will. She knows about WWEPW. She wants to let him know, gently. Would this cause problems between them? Would this jeopardize the periwinkle cardigans??

Once again, Rachel finds her way into the conversation! Will is upset to know he’s not the star of the website, but Rachel is furious! And now Emma is furious! WHY IS SHE EVEN HERE?! I THOUGHT I LOCKED THE DOOR.

Emma tries again.

Also, can I Rachel-Berry this Rewind to say, BEST EMMA MAKEUP EVER!! That great bronze eyeshadow and fantastic lashes!

Emma tries again. Maybe this time, Will will understand. Will Will? Will will. He might have taken over Glee, but she runs the SCHOOL OF STYLE at McKinley.

Will chokes up as he look at the laptop that also has a magic screen on both sides. (YEAH GET JEALOUS I JUST INVENTED IT).

And that was how, after watching this episode, this little blog was born. Will came to terms with Emma’s style dominance and Emma understood that Rachel Berry was a permanent pain in the tush, but this is Glee, and everything will be alright because WE SING ABOUT IT.

What was your favorite Emma look from the Pilot, wwepw-ers?