Monday, March 22, 2010

Etsy Shops - Vintage Enamel Flower Brooches

Our girl Emma loves a good vintage brooch. I especially love the big enamel flower pins that adorn her cardigans.

Yesterday I discovered two amazing Etsy shops that you must visit!

Vintage Envy

My girl AmyB introduced me to Vintage Envy, where you can find incredible enamel flower brooches like this one

at really affordable prices. It's taking every ounce of self-control that I have not to buy every. single. one. right now!

In addition to these fabulous pins, Cyndie combines beautiful vintage finds into unique and stunning pieces of jewelry, like this Mint Julep bracelet.


melissa moze

At melissa moze, vintage flower brooches are given new life as the perfect centerpiece to colorful handmade fabric belts.

I am especially smitten with this Botique Flower Power Belt.

Such a clever way to repurpose a vintage brooch!

Here's to Etsy shops Vintage Envy and melissa moze for giving us very good reasons to indulge our inner Emmas!


Anonymous said...

Danielle, you are going to be very bad for my wallet!

It kills me that my grandmother used to have a lot of enameled flower pins that she got rid of over the years, or she gave them to us for dressup and my mom got rid of them... sigh...


AmyB said...

I take full responsibility for introducing you to the awesomeness that is Vintage Envy...

Danielle said...

Ooh, yes girl! I'm adding your name to the post RIGHT NOW so you can live on as the one who made me bankrupt.

Danielle said...

Don't those belts look like something straight out of the Preppy Handbook, my bible throughout my preteen/teen years (before I got hooked on the Cure and the Smiths)? I love love love them!

AmyB said...

I am honored to go into the money pit with you m'dear.
I would have worn one of those belts with my green pants and layered pink and yellow polo shirts (with bothcollars popped) and my top siders when was in 6th grade.

Danielle said...

YES GIRL. It would be green Dickies, or wide wale cords, whale print turtleneck, green polo shirt, blue striped button down, pink/green/blue Fair Isle yoke sweater. With grosgrain ribbon belt, Pappagallo purse with reversible cover, LL Bean Bluchers or weave-top clogs, and big fat Bonne Bell Lip Smacker. Watermelon.

angie.a said...

Grosgrain ribbon belts! Yes! :D

I've been slowly building my etsy cart with vintage brooches this weekend.

Just a question from a sewist and your Fashion Challenges...Could I suggest appropriate patterns & fabrications instead of RTW?

Two Hand Design said...

I just discovered these brooches at a small antique store near work and have 5 on layaway! I can't wait to get them home

Dena said...

Hey! You can find some cute vintage brooch necklaces at!