Monday, March 22, 2010

Fashion Challenge - Trampoline Skirt

We only saw it in Vitamin D for a moment...

...but a moment was all it took for me to know that the Trampoline Skirt by Anna Sui for Anthropologie would be on my list of favorites.

Let's see what you do with it in this week's Fashion Challenge!

Trampoline Skirt on Polyvore

I'm a bit late posting this week's Fashion Challenge, so entries can be sent to me at emmapillsbury (at) gmail (dot) com until Wednesday at 6PM EST.

Have fun with the Trampoline Skirt! Boing boing!


Teresa said...

When I saw that bottom pic of the skirt on the stand, I totally thought it was a lamp.

And that is my contribution to the challenge. :P

Mrs M said...

Ooh something else to keep my mind off doing any work today!


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