Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fashion Challenge - Enzo Angiolini Lee

It's been a while since we had a Fashion Challenge around here, so let's do something about that, shall we?

How would you style Emma's newest pair of shoes?

Enzo Angiolini Leealder Pumps

Add your looks to this group on Polyvore: WWEPW Fashion Challenge - Leealder Pumps
or email the url for your set to me at emmapillsbury at gmail dot com.

The challenge will be open until Tuesday, February 7 at 6pm EST - I'll post all of the looks before Glee airs.

Have fun!


dinagideon said...

It's been forever since I did a set fpr a contest. Done! What fun shoes! :)

Thank you for this distraction on Super Bowl Sunday...needed it!!!

dinagideon said...

"for a contest," not "fpr a contest." Ugh. LOL.

Kylie said...

I purchased these shoes right after their Glee debut and received so many compliments! They look even better in person as hard as that is to believe. I think I will have to go buy them in the other colorways. BTW, they are only 59.95 at DSW. I found the true to size.

I didn't take a picture but I wore them with a black pencil skirt, white pussy bow blouse, fuscia Cardigan and yellow flower earrings and necklace. Since the appearance of Emma I wear 95% skirts and dresses...except when it is cold :(