Thursday, October 6, 2011

Emma Pillsbury Style - Anthropalooza

So many new pieces added to Emma's wardrobe this season - perhaps we'll see several more pop up from Anthropologie.

My latest top ten Anthro picks for Emma to wear:


Houndstooth Collage Pencil Skirt - $98
This skirt runs the risk of looking a bit too "Preppy Handbook for Children," but I think Emma could make it work.


Eastward Dress Coat - $201.60
Love the color.


Wicopy Skirt - $128
The subtle, muted tones of this skirt would pair perfectly with a pop of color on top.


Adelie Blouse - $158
The silhouette is a bit more Quinn than Emma, but come on, IT'S PENGUINS.


Firelight Pencil Skirt - $98
This skirt also comes in red. It's a classic pencil skirt with a little texture for interest.


Testcard Pullover - $450
This patchwork sweater is straight out of the 80s, but I love the button detail and the ruffle at the waist. I'd love to see her wear this with a white bow blouse underneath.


Goban Pencil Skirt - $118
This hue is crying out for one of Lou's masterful color pairings. Lavender or coral, perhaps.


Glinting Persica Sweater Dress - $188
I love Emma's floral Kate Spade dress collection, but I'd like to see other fabrics and brands.


Tsuga Skirt - $148
If she doesn't wear this skirt, with the next garment on the list, I'll cry buckets of tears.


Neckerchief Sweater - $78
It's as if Anthro stocked this just to see it show up on Glee. It's so Emma, it burns.

In case you missed it, here's my previous top 10 Anthro picks: Anthropalooza: 9/17/11

And how about another "Rachel or Emma?" poll while we're here?

Maybe we should throw Artie into the mix with this one...

Neo Jacquard Pullover - $138
Lots of other Emma-worthy pieces at Anthro right now. Which are your favorites?


Anonymous said...

love, love lOVE the neckerchief sweater! It screams Emma! I actually own the houndstooth collage skirt so I obviously love that one too! :)

Isabelle Chiosso said...

Great picks! I'm obsessed with that Lauren Moffat coat. It's totally Emma. Same with the polka dot pencil skirt.

If I had to choose something not on your list I would go with the Glasbury Pencil Skirt:

I love it. I imagine it's what Emma would wear to go apple picking.

Tea said...

Love the penguin blouse so much! There's actually a Charlotte Taylor penguin print skirt too (not at Anthro) which would be perfect for Emma also.

And talking about animal print skirts I do think the Stilt Striders skirt with its flamingo print would be fun.

Definitely think the Tsuga skirt would be wonderful on Emma and I have to add another vote for the Glasbury plaid pencil skirt.

I think the ruffled demi turtleneck would be a good addition to a fall wardrobe as would the tartan boucle blazer. And of course the Neckerchief sweater is perfect for Emma - though I would like to see her wear the periwinkle version ;)

Perhaps Britt will wear the super expensive Mobies cardigan?