Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Emma Pillsbury Fashion ID - Asian F

Tons of looks tonight! Lots of new pieces, and a few familiar ones.

Keep checking back - this post will continue to be updated. (Screencaps to come tomorrow - our tv was wonky tonight.)

Kate Spade Leopard Lillith Skirt - $248
worn with yellow turtleneck sweater from Dream On and RHGS.

Kate Spade Hang in There Glasses Pendant - $148

Kate Spade Bardot Sweater - $195
worn with red J.Crew Double Serge Pencil Skirt

Meringue Polka Dot Cardigan - no longer available
Also worn in Britney/Brittany

Anthropologie Cultural Heritage Skirt - no longer available (Thanks, Fashion of Glee!)
worn with D&G Angie T-Strap pumps

H & M Jacket - no longer available - (Thank you, Nicolle!)
photo by Slanelle on Chictopia

See by Chloe Star-Print Blouse - $138
Betsey Johnson Cherry Earrings - no longer available

Kate Spade Watercolor Rose Minnie Dress - $276

worn with J.Crew Jackie Cardigan - $62 (in neon azalea)
and J.Crew Spencer Mary Jane Pumps - no longer available

Double-breasted 3/4 sleeve jacket

Amazing silk blouse OMG.

J.Crew Bow Skirt in black - no longer available
Juicy Couture Blooming Bracelet - no longer available (Thanks, Fashion of Glee!)

Kate Spade Beaded Kati Cardigan - $295

Yellow nightgown (probably vintage)

Kate Spade Beaded Kati Cardigan - $147 (on sale in XS only)

For the rest of tonight's Glee fashion, be sure to visit Possessionista!

(screencaps from TVCaps)


Miss Jess said...

Loving every post you make here!!

<3, J


Lily said...

Oh, I NEEEEEED the OMG silk blouse and the jacket. I'm in love!!!!! Long time listener, first time caller, btw. Hehehe.

MMM said...

the yellow vintage nightgown that Emma worn from 3.03 Asian F...is there a way to track down where is it from?.....so pretty i die!

Anonymous said...

Emma's Hang-in-there glasses pendant on sale NWT on Ebay there:http://www.ebay.com/itm/120828686549?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649