Saturday, October 8, 2011

Emma Pillsbury Style - Modclothpalooza

I'm surprised that pieces from Modcloth haven't shown up on Glee. Just about everything they sell would be perfect for Rachel or Quinn, with a little bit of Emma thrown in for good measure.

My top ten Emma-worthy picks from Modcloth:


If You Dot It Top - $44.99
Somewhat sheer for Emma, but would look great under her blue LOFT cardigan.


Edamame Maven Cardigan - $85.99
Tres Emma.


You Faux My Number Cardigan - $92.99
The trompe l'oeil elbow patches and pockets are so very Emma Pillsbury.


Copywriter Top - $44.99
There's no such thing as too many bow-tie blouses in Emma Pillsbury's world.


Lead The Plie Skirt - $117.99
The pattern on the skirt is sophisticated enough that it doesn't look to twee, but whimsical enough for Emma's taste.


Honey Bead Cardigan - $74.99
Reminds me of Emma's vintage sweater from Sectionals.


Vanilla Milk Top - $44.99
The most frequent email request I receive is for the perfect white bow blouse. This is about as close to perfect as a bow blouse can get, but in ivory.


Hello Birdie Cardigan - $69.99
Love the colors, love the sweet bird and branches print.


Olive in Favor Cardigan - $49.99
This open single-button cardi with contrast trim needs to be in Emma's closet. Pronto.


Tele-visionary Top - $42.99
The love child of all fabulous blouses. The perfect print, the perfect bow, and sleeveless - so it could be worn alone or under a variety of cardigans or jackets. And at $42.99, it's a steal.

Modcloth may not have shown up on Glee yet, but I'm pretty sure they'll be showing up in my closet.


Anonymous said...

hey i am 13, live in germany and i just love the taste of emma.... i would love to have this clothes :)
your website is awesome ...ich liebe es ;D

chrissi said...

yeah man :D
i'm from germany too. 14 years old. absolutely obsessed with glee, emma and her style.
think this blog is gorgeous ♥

Vlada said...

haha wie cool ich stimme dir zu... ♥♥♥ ohh and i think jayma mays is wonderful ;)

Meghan said...

One of my favorite shopping sites ever.

Hollylovescrew said...

Are you still planning a J crew post of items for Emma?

granny chic said...

I love all of these!! J.Crew, Kate Spade and Anthro are like homes away from home for me. So cute with the bowtie blouses and the cardigans. I'm not really a Glee story fan anymore, but I definitely watch for Ms. Pillsbury's and Rachel's wardrobes!