Saturday, September 17, 2011

Emma Pillsbury Style - Anthropalooza

With only a few days left before Season 3 of Glee kicks off, I think it's time to make some predictions. What will Emma wear?

I've selected my top ten picks from each of her signature brands - Anthropologie, Kate Spade, and J.Crew. Let's get started with Anthropologie.


Quantum Blouse - $88
There's something about this blouse that reminds me of the Dusky Dolphin blouse from Season 1. I love the print and the bright orange.


Liquid Acres Skirt - $118
At first glance, this skirt doesn't look very Emma, but paired with her signature bow blouse and her olive green or robin's egg blue cardigan, it'd be great.


Loosened Shelby Blouse - $58
Though she doesn't wear sleeveless very often, this blouse could be very sweet with a simple pencil skirt.


Horticultural Cardi - $96
The colors might be a bit too drab for television, but it's got the right amount of whimsy.


Peppering Skirt - $128
As much as I love Emma's bright, colorful pieces, I'm equally as fond of her darker clothes. The Fantastic Field Skirt outfit is one of my favorites. Any number of her Jackie cardigans would look great with this skirt.


Outlined Celandine Cardi - $111
Simple, yet bold, this cardigan would look outstanding with a colorful print skirt.


Foundational Pencil Skirt - $98
An Emma Pillsbury wardrobe staple in a subtly textured fabric.


Liasis Cardigan - $96
Emma's wardrobe must include this jacket. It's a modern version of classic vintage style.


Shirr & Pleat Pencil Skirt - #138
J'adore. A pleated pencil skirt with a wide waistband? Yes, please. I'd love to see what color pairings for a top Lou might select for this skirt. She's masterful at mixing unexpected colors, and this is just the skirt for that.


Lemon Liftoff Blouse - $118
A secretary-style bow blouse with an owl print? It's like it was made just for Emma.

Do you have some favorite Anthro pieces that you'd like to see Emma wear this season? Share your picks in the comments!

And just for fun...

I'm crazy about this skirt:

Piped Sailor Skirt - $118

...but it's one of those pieces that could work on Emma or Rachel. WWEPWers decide - who would wear it?

(And don't forget to vote for your favorite outfit in the last match of the Ultimate Outfit tournament!)


Danielle said...

I LOVE your Paloozas! Thanks for inspiring me to shop (just what I need). Can't wait for the Celandine cardi to go on sale, $111 is a little rich for my blood but I love the design.

Can't wait for J Crew and Kate Spade.

Rycrafty said...

I think I need #5 and #2!

I voted for Rachel, but I think they'd shorten it before she wears it.

Kat said...

I DEFINITELY think the liftoff blouse will grace her body...

I think if they show her in a coat early on... it'll be an Anthro coat. Possibly the Sweeping Swing or the Eastward Dress

I also think (anthro minded) that the Wythes Dress is very Emma (with a cardigan over it of course!)- I thought about the Lepidoptera Dress, but I think that print is a little bit much for her... but I could see another character being placed in it.

The Elephant Dress (something Cirque??) maybe... but it might be too old now for her to be wearing... the stuff they wear tends to still be in the store while it's on the screen

Felted Colorbar Cardigan is a possibility...

Colorblocked sweater skirt too -- if it were better quality (I don't know why I think that's a factor, but I do)

I, along with you, agree with the Piped Sailor skirt (which honestly reminds me more of marching band than of sailors)

So excited for her (well... Glee) to come back!

Kailee said...

I'm so excited for the show to start! Thanks for posting these :) It will also be interesting to see what she wears because Emma is finally getting out of her OCD-ness so maybe her outfits will start getting a little less prim and organized and more fun (not that I don't love her outfits now, but she might have more bold prints or wear less cardigans and such)? It will be exciting to see!

::little projects in style:: said...

the lemon liftoff blouse is to die for! :) that's so her!

can't wait for glee to be back!