Monday, September 19, 2011

Emma Pillsbury Style - Kate Spade Palooza

We're already aware that Emma will don a these pieces by Kate Spade in Season 3.

Floral Wynne Dress - $495
Cammie Cardigan - $225

Embellished Kit Sweater - $175
Kami Pumps - $298

I'm sure this won't be the last of the Kate Spade, so here are my top ten picks for the upcoming season:


Leopard Lillith Skirt - $355
The print might be a bit racy for Emma's liking, but the cut and hem of the skirt are just right. Come on, add a little racy to your wardrobe, gurl.


Beaded Darielle Sweater - $275
I like when her clothes have a little bit of bling.


Cherie Coat - $695
This coat would easily rival the Studio Mona in terms of fabulousness.


Marine Garden Minnie Dress - $395
I think the whole Kate Spade floral sheath dress thing might be a bit played out, but I do love the colors of this version.


Knit Tenzin Dress - $355
The IYB and the Red Valentino Dress got married and had an adorable, stylish baby.


Rosie Cardigan - $275
Look. She just needs more gigantic flowers on her shoulder, okay?


Trompe L'Oeil Valerie Sweater - $395
Lou could Emma-fy this into something spectacular, with the right skirt and jewelry, and I'd love to see what she'd do with it.


Matingale Sweater - $195
Simple. Classic. Perfect.


Delphina A-Line Skirt - $295
Speaking of perfect, this is about as close as one can get to the perfect skirt. Therefore, Emma should wear it.


Bardot Sweater - $195
It puts the Bardot Sweater in the basket or it gets the hose.

Any Kate Spade favorites of your own?


Tea said...

Well, we already know Emma wears the watercolor rose minnie dress so I guess she's not over the whole floral sheath dress thing...aaand I'm gonna pick that! ;) Maybe she has the blue version too! I like the colours in the tweed malerie jacket and poppy tweed delphina skirt. And I love the black and white dotted didi jacket and dotted delphina skirt. Also I'd love to see her in the trompe l'oeil valerie and you can never have enough corsage-adorned cardis or sweaters with bows! :D

Miss Janice said...

So excited to see her fashions for this season!