Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ultimate Outfit Tournament II - Top Two

Okay, folks. You voted for them, and here they are. The top two Emma Pillsbury outfits from the second season of Glee.

Juicy Fruity Print Skirt
Mint Banana Republic Blouse
Jackie Cardigan
Vintage Brooch


Kate Spade Floral Josie Dress
Nordstrom Cardigan
J.Crew Belt
Vintage Bittersweet Sarah Coventry Brooch
J.Crew Orange Bauble Bracelet

Which will it be?

I'll reveal the winner of Ultimate Outfit Tournament II on Tuesday just before Glee airs.


Sarahnargle said...

I will forever mourn the Take Action dress.

Danielle said...

Agree with Sarah x10000000. It will always be the quintessential Emma dress in my head.

Sarahnargle said...

It's the winner in my HEART.

Anonymous said...

Outfit number 1 is not vintage enough. Even though outfit number two looks like something you'd all like to wear- it is not what the concept of the contest.

Phillippa said...

With all the respect for the tournament: I wanna know where does Emma's little pink sleeping dress from the new promo (Sue's Corner, with WILL, in BED) came from!