Sunday, March 6, 2011

Emma Pillsbury Style - Military Inspired

If you loved Emma's military cardigan from "The Rhodes Not Taken"... might like some of these military-inspired pieces from Modcloth.

Undeniable Charisma Dress
- $159.99

Style Brigade Coat - $38.99

Top Brass Dress
- $26.99

Try This for Sighs Cardigan
- $59.99

Band Practice Skirt
- $67.99

Frillitary Cardigan - $84.99


Glad Hatter said...

Emma would definitely serve in the Frillitary! Love it!

Linds said...

When did every-other post become an ad for ModCloth?

Danielle said...

When I visited ModCloth one day and found a bunch of great Emma-inspired pieces that I wanted to share.

AmyB said...

Personally I don't find the posts "ads" for Modcloth but rather as though ModCloth is the often ignored younger step-sister of Anthropologie (who can't help it if she is soooooo popular and lately is besties with Kate Spade).

I can't always buy the looks (um, hello KATE SPADE make a Target line, mmmmkay?) because :#1 sometimes too expensive #2 doesn't look so great on Mrs. Busty McBusterson (aka me) and #3 it makes my husband mad if I spend too much money (which most days I don't care about that, but it's hard to justify $300 on a cardigan).

Great job Danielle!

Sarah said...

Because ModCloth is amazing.