Sunday, March 6, 2011

Would Emma Wear It? - Milly Palooza

With this Milly cardigan appearing on the March 8 episode of Glee - "Sexy" - there's a chance we might spot more Milly pieces in future episodes. I think it's time for a new Milly Palooza.

Sailboat Jacquard Cardigan - $295

I've selected some of the best Emma-worthy pieces from Milly, and I'll rate each piece based on the usual scale of 1-5 antibacterial hand gel squirts.

Click any photo to enlarge.


Katrina Sheath Dress - $325 - If we hadn't just seen Emma in a similar Kate Spade dress, I'd say this dress had a good chance of appearing on the show. 5 squirts
Marielle Day Dress - $365 - Love it, but the mod print isn't quite Emma. 2 squirts
Wood Chain Sheath - $340 - A beautiful simple sheath - I think the fabric is more Emma than the length. 3 squirts
Belted Side Button Dress - $375 - Perfect for Emma, under a bright cardigan. 5 squirts

Belted Dani Day Dress - $395 - Great silhouette, the busy-ness of the print might be toned down for Emma with a navy cardigan. 3 squirts
Marcella Combo Dress - $375 - The belt's a bit too flouncy for Miss Pillsbury. 2 squirts
Belted Deni Dress
- $425 - She must wear this. 5 squirts
Slim Melanie Dress - $360 - Reminds me of the Nanette Lepore Sunny Day Dress from "The Rhodes Not Taken." A great dress for an 'event' scene - minus one squirt for the dark color. 4 squirts

Colette Sheath Dress - $315 - Fabulous colors for Emma. 4 squirts
Colorblock Dena Dress - $325 - Super cute, but a bit too mod for Emma. 3 squirts
Ramona Combo Dress - $450 - This is perhaps my favorite dress of the bunch, but definitely more of a Rachel dress. 5 gold stars
Beaded Laurina Sheath - $425 - Another great floral dress. 4 squirts

Mackenzie Combo Dress - $345 - Another great, but too-mod dress for her. 3 squirts
Danielle Ruffle Front Dress - $385 - I'm partial to the name, and it would be great under a cardigan. 4 squirts
Jenny Combo Dress - $365 - I love all these mod dresses, but I think they're more my style than Emma's. Costume department take note: buy these, try them out, discover they don't work on Emma, and give them to me. 3 squirts
Annalisa Combo Dress - $355 - Reminds me of the Kate Spade Cloey dress from "The Power of Madonna." 5 squirts

Lisbeth Combo Dress - $395 - Great colors, not sure about the neckline. 3 squirts
Bethany Sheath Dress - $375 - Love the silhouette, the pattern might be a bit too bold for Emma. 3 squirts
Bianca Belted Dress - $385 - I'd love this dress with a cardigan over it, but it might be a bit too fancy for Emma's every day wear. 3 squirts
Pleated Guiliana Dress - $385 - More Quinn than Emma. 5 pom pons

Jackets and Coats

Cropped Erika Jacket - $415 - I'd really love to see Emma wear jackets more often. Like this one. 5 squirts
Rena Jacket - $465 - Gorgeous color, a bit too boxy for her. 3 squirts
Lausanne Stripe Jacket - $395 Wear it, Pillsbury. 5 squirts
Josie Fringe Jacket - $495 Wear it, too, Pillsbury. 5 squirts

Miranda Coat - $625 - The buttons! The buttons! I love this more than her red Marc Jacobs trench. 5 squirts
Tania Coat - $495 - I love it, but too Mod for Emma. 2 squirts

Sweaters and Blouses

Ric Rac Boyfriend Cardigan - $285 - A great contender for a new cardigan in Emma's closet. 4 squirts
Antibes Jacquard Karyn Cardigan - $295 Wearwearwearwearwear. 5 squirts
Tab Cardigan - $265 - Reminds me of the military cardigan from "The Rhodes Not Taken." 4 squirts
Boathouse Stripe Cardigan - $285 Love. 5 squirts

San Sebastian Jillian Sweater - $175 - This is a great neckline for her. 4 squirts
Combo Hilarie Blouse - $225 - Great on its own or under a cardigan. 5 squirts
Amia Boatneck Top - $295 - I'd love to see Emma in more blouses. 4 squirts
Boathouse Stripe Intarsia Sweater - $235 - More Rachel than Emma. 3 gold stars


Combo Pencil Skirt - $235 Love the colors and pattern. 4 squirts
Links Chain Pencil Skirt - $265 - A classic pencil skirt with a great detail. 5 squirts
Belle Tucked Skirt - $245 - A sweet floral skirt. 3 squirts
Justene Skirt - $275 - I'd love to see her in fuller skirts like this one. 5 squirts

Which Milly pieces would you like to see Emma wear on Glee?


Ashley J said...

Oh my goodness, I want everything you have shown! To bad it is so expensive:(

dinagideon said...

I own the Colette Printed Sheath dress and OMG, it is perfection. I also bought my darling littlest girl CW the Milly mini in the same print. We are going matchy-match to Easter. :) I love that we can both channel Emma.

If Emma shows up in this dress on the show, I might just do cartwheels. LOL.

Oh, and I LOVE the danielle dress. And I have to love the dena dress, right???

Caroline said...

LOVE the Katrina!!! Love the belted Dani (more my style than emma)...ME WANT!!!

lilbailey said...

Love the Pleated Guiliana Dress!

wonderlandboutique said...

Loving these pieces - naturally!

The adorable sailboat printed cardigan actually put me in mind of a similar (and much cheaper!) version I saw in a store here in the UK only last week:

It's only around $30, though I'm not sure if they ship to the US - but if we've learned anything through our addiction to Emma Pillsbury, there's always Glee-Bay!

Amy at Wonderland Boutique x.

Tea said...

I love the pleated giuliana dress - um, ladybugs!!! Do I need to say more? There is a version with this print on the top and a navy skirt with an orange grosgrain belt which might be more Emma.

Anyway I'd love her to wear either ... but then I said the sailboat cardi was more Rachel and the sailboat Amia blouse was more Emma, so what do I know?! The Amia blouse is lovely though ... I tried it on today and I think Emma would look amazing in it ... maybe she could wear it too?