Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Emma Pillsbury Fashion ID - Red Jones New York Tie Front Sweater


Thanks to a tip from WWEPWer (and regular Fashion Challenge participant!) Rachel, Emma's red sweater from "A Very Glee Christmas" is no longer a mystery!

Jones New York Tie Neck Pullover - $79

Yay, Rachel and her saved Polyvore items! Rachel, hooray!


Tara @ Tara Being Tara said...

Seriously - I know that's the same sweater, but it looks SO much cuter on Emma than on the model. I wouldn't give it a second look, otherwise!

karla. said...


Tea said...

Yay! Another Emma piece of clothing id'd! Well done!

Shelley said...

FYI, this is on sale half off at Macy's right now. I know this because I bought it Thursday, liking the style, and didn't realize what I'd done until I rewatched the ep tonight!!! Same color and all. Whoops.

Kanuck said...

Also, that model photo is one of the worst photoshop jobs I've seen in a while! Why does her left boob extend about 4" directly out from her waist?!?