Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fashion Challenge Results - Holiday Part 2

More holiday looks in red and green!

Have Yourself a Gleeful Little Christmas by Tea

Holiday Parties by Tea

Emma Auditions Another Christmas Party Dress by Tea

Emma in a Tartan Dress by Tea

Holiday Party by Meg

A Very Emma Christmas by Celeste

Mrs. Claus by Betty

Under My Tree by Niki

A Very Glee Christmas by Kathryn

Emma Pillsbury Christmas by Bailey

Lots more to come!


vacantmuse said...

oh my gosh, Tea, can you please dress me? every day? because your looks make my heart go flutter!

Tea said...

Of course! I totally would because that is the nicest compliment <3

Rosesred said...

Niki, I love all the whimsical accesoiries,

Betty, I'd rock that look in a heartbeat, love the simplicity of it.

Siobhan said...

I've been wanting to buy the tartan dress from Warehouse for a long time but wondering what to wear with it. I should not have chickened out. It looks lovely here

Betty said...

Thank you, Rosered!

Celeste, I love those red shoes you used. So cute! And also the red dress Tea used. Very cute.

Betty said...

Oh! And I almost forgot the shoes that Nikki used! But really, how could anyone forget those?