Monday, October 4, 2010

Would Emma Wear It? - Millypalooza

Emma had a few Milly pieces in her Season 1 closet. I think she needs to add a few more. Let's take a look. I'll be rating each piece on a 1-5 scale of antibacterial hand gel squirts.


Rhinestone Short Sleeve Blouse - $240
Rhinestone Bow Blouse
- $285
Margot Ruffle Blouse - $295
It's been a while since we've seen Emma in a soft, satiny blouse. I loved the blue Banana Republic blouse she wore in Pilot, and the eggplant blouse that launched the owl clips in Showmance. Let's see more of these types of blouses on Emma! 5 squirts each

Coco Ruffle Blouse - $240
Emma needs to wear this immediately. 5 squirts
Charylee Bow Blouse - $325
I love dark colors on Emma. The gold polka dots on this blouse give it a lightness that would be fabulous on her. 5 squirts
Selina Raven Print Blouse - $285
Not sure about the neckline, but the print and the bows are fabulous. 4 squirts

Striped Silk Blouse - $437.86
By itself or under a cardi, this would look great on Emma. 3 squirts

Cardigans and Jackets

Place des Vosges Cardigan - $295
Reminds me of the Silhouette Sweater Cardi. Only a lot more expensive. Still, I love it. 5 squirts
Gabrielle Jacket - $525
Love the contrast trim. 4 squirts
Patricia Jacket - $575
I love the colors of this grosgrain ribbon jacket. With Emma's bow blouse, it could make a statement! 3 squirts


MJ Stripe Sweater - $250
The colors are unusual for Emma, but they could work! Also, there's a bow. 3 squirts
Olivia Sweater - $245
Perfect. Buy it. Put it on her. 5 squirts
Le Chatelet Sweater - $215
I love the quirky pattern. 3 squirts

Stripe Sailor Top - $87.50
This has the potential to be the next Green Milly. 5 squirts
Vincennes Bow Sweater - $250
Sweet, pretty top. 4 squirts
Square Neck Stripe Top - $195 (also in Purple)
A bit too similar to the blue and white striped top from Bad Reputation, but still a winner. 4 squirts


Mena Sweater Dress - $375
This dress may be a bit too short for Emma, but the top is adorable. 3 squirts
Marianna Chain Shift Dress - $385
It's the blouse that makes this look. 4 squirts
Le Chatelet Sweater Dress - $295
I like the sweater more. 2 squirts


Combo Check Skirt - $235
I love the bold print, the length and the silhouette of this skirt. With a colorful cardi, Emma's signature bow blouse, and a vintage brooch, it would be terrific. 5 squirts

And for Rachel:

Sasha Poodle Sweater - $225
Total Rachel sweater. 5 gold stars
Bistro Striped Tunic - $275
It's all about the elbow pads. 3 gold stars
Check Ribbon Mini - $180
With the poodle sweater, please. 5 gold stars

Which of these Milly pieces are your favorites?


Eliz said...

I think that dress just looks short because it's on a super-tall model; I think it would look great on Emma! Bow and pencil skirt, hello!

Great scouting!

Anonymous said...

LOVELOVELOVE them all!!!

Megan said...

I love the Vincennes Bow Sweater and the rest as well. Holy prices though, as Emma often wears.

Megan said...

The sweaters! J'ADORE.

I feel like the first two blouses might be too flashy for Emma but with the Carl influence, who knows?

AmyB said...

Olivia sweater and Mariana chain thing dress. Hands down.

Tea said...

Coco ruffle blouse definitely!!! I've been wanting to make a set with this for ages but I couldn't clip it so thank you so much because now I can :)

And Emma MUST wear the skirt the model is wearing with it - it's a pencil skirt with a chain detail making it PERFECT for Emma!

Also the Charylee Bow blouse - it combines yellow and polka dots need I say more!

I do love the Gabrielle jacket - I think Emma should wear it with a coordinating vintage enamel flower pin!

Aaand the olivia sweater, stripe sailor top, square neck stripe top in grape and maybe the Vincennes bow sweater!!

Sorry for like the longest list it's just that I love Milly clothes (like you couldn't guess!) and I think Emma needs to wear more - so that I can enjoy them vicariously :)

Teresa said...


Anonymous said...

you're a genius- rachel wore the poodle sweater last week!!!! i NEED it.