Sunday, October 3, 2010

Review and Giveaway - Don't Stop Believin' - The Unofficial Guide to Glee

Gleekdom goddesses Erin and Suzie have written the essential guide to Glee and it's available now! This is a book for serious Gleeks and newbies alike. Let's put it this way - if you want to be prepared for any Glee-related question that comes your way, you need to read this book.

Everything you were hoping would be in the DVD extras but wasn't is in this book. And more. Here's what you'll get when you pick up your copy of Don't Stop Believin' - The Unofficial Guide to Glee.

An in-depth look at the origins of Glee
Find out how Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan created a television sensation, and how they convinced the networks it wouldn't be another Cop Rock.

The making of an episode
Did you ever wonder how long it takes to shoot an episode or how much it costs? How is the music selected? How does the music, acting, and dancing come together? It's all in the book.

Actor/character biographies
In this section, you'll discover that Mark Salling (Puck) is only 4 years younger than Matt Morrison, who plays his teacher. Cory Monteith was cast after his unconventional audition video garnered attention. Chris Colfer didn't originally audition for the role of Kurt. Iqbal Theba created a detailed backstory for his character, Principal Figgins. Find out more than you ever thought possible about each of the actors and their characters.

Detailed episode guides
This is the best part of the book, and not just because I'm in it. If you're expecting pages and pages of recaps, think again. Erin and Suzie analyze each episode, and give you fantastic extras, including:
- "High Notes and Low Notes" from each episode,
- a history of each song used on the show in "Behind the Music,"
- "Slushie Facials" - a catalog of on- and off-screen pranks,
- a collection of the best of Sue Sylvester's quotes in "How Sue Cs It,"
- "Jazz Hands" - an inside look at the many pop-culture references and details that make Glee so unique, and my favorite feature of the book.

When you get a copy of Don't Stop Believin' - The Unofficial Guide to Glee, be sure to turn right to page 223, where you'll find out what designer I picked to make costumes for New Directions!

And guess what? Erin and Suzie are giving away a free copy of their book to one lucky WWEPW reader!

How to Enter:

1. Leave a comment here, telling what designer you would choose to create costumes for New Directions (and why, if you're feeling ambitious!).

2. Be sure to include your email address so I can contact you if you win.

3. Only residents of the US and Canada are eligible for this giveaway. Entries will be accepted until Sunday, October 17 at 9PM EST.

Get your copy on Amazon US or Amazon Canada! Thanks for the giveaway, Erin and Suzie! And most of all, congratulations! I am so proud of both of you for this amazing accomplishment and honored to be included in your book! You earned 5 out of 5 antibacterial squirts from WWEPW! Yay, Erin and Suzie! Erin and Suzie, hooray!


Megan said...

Stella McCartney!

sleepygiraffe at gmail dot com

Aamba said...

Oh dear, I just don't know enough about designers. Not even after watching lots of America's Next Top Model!

Rita said...

Alexander McQueen! (he's perfectly theatrical!!) (RIP :()

Courtney said...

Andrew Marc because he's Emma, he's Rachel, and he's Quinn!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

What an awesome Giveaway! I'd like to see Rachel embrace her Diva side in a Bob Mackie gown. ;)

Sarahnargle said...

Betsey Johnson; she has just the right sense of theatricality and fun to make the perfect costumes for our favorite glee club.

Whit Sariah said...

ahhhh thats really tough, i mean it DEFINITELY depends on the song choice right? but i think isaac mizrahi could come up with some pretty spectacular items for the whole gang :)

*fingers crossed* i have got to get my hands on one of these books!

Courtney said...

Alberta Ferretti - really knows how to play with designs, patterns, and colors and could just make a wonderful appearance for ND!

ClaraVivian said...


Kate said...

Bob Mackie is perfectly over the top! Of course, a school group that has trouble affording a bus for competitions is sure going to have an uphill battle doing a bake sale for Mackie gowns!

Anonymous said...
This is an article with Jayma, in which she is asked about the Emma fashion

Carol said...

Oooh, I don't know! This is so hard! Haha, can I choose Mondo from this season of Project Runway? His stuff is so colorful, graphic, and fun - I think it'd look awesome on the stage. =D

Laurelann said...

I would throw my vote in for Santo Loquasto! He's designed for Woody Allen films and big Broadway shows since 1972. Wanna talk about theatricality? This man's got it. He's been nominated for 14 Tony awards and is a 3 time winner. His costume sketches for Grand Hotel were beautiful. He recently received a lifetime achievement award in theatrical design.

I want this book SO badly!

Glad Hatter said...

Since Target is a great source of glee-esque fashion, Izak Mizrahi would be great to design the costumes! He uses such great colors!

This book sounds so exciting!

my addy is: emailyonit a t gmail d.t com

Sarah said...

I'd have Mondo from this season of Project Runway design their costumes. I'd love to see them compete at sectionals in Mondo's off-the-wall combination of prints.

oatmealpie at gmail dot com

Lindalou said...

Since I am currently up to my neck in Project Runway, I'm going to have to say Mondo. He's just amazing with color and patterns, which would great up on stage.

(Sorry that I'm being redundant, but he was the first to come to mind._

EGhibli said...

It really depends on the cover! But they could totally cover some classic brit rock in anything Burberry ( or modern rock, too- I'd love to see the boys do a Kooks number :D ), or something classic in Calvin Klein, or anything on the edgier, pop-pier side of music in clean-cut pieces like Balenciaga (although i see this working better for the girls than the boys.) There are just so many to choose from- you could spend all day putting them together, lol. Lou Eyrich has the best job ever :D


Melissa at Silly Bee's Chickadees said...
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Melissa at Silly Bee's Chickadees said...

Christian Siriano FTW! Because, you know, he's fierce!!

melgarza2000 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Rachel said...

I agree with all the Mondo comments

Sara said...

Definitely Betsey Johnson!

aras1221 at yahoo dot com

icitea said...

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN... if he were still with us. His sense of design is outrageously amazing. I'd love to see an episode with something like that... though I have to say New Directions has a more formal/preppy feel to them...

le.paradis.found at gmail dot com