Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Emma Pillsbury Fashion ID - The Rocky Horror Glee Show

Before we get to the clothes...THIS

is how you work a theme into the show, Glee. The whole episode...fantastic.

And now, the outfits.

They're astounding...

Emma eats her crusts in this sweater

Anthropologie Pick A Bunch Cardi - $128 (I gave it 4 squirts in this Anthropalooza!)

paired with this skirt

J.Crew Perfect Pencil Skirt in Cinnamon Stick

When Emma's at Rocky Horror with Carl, she wears this floral bib necklace with the Dream On outfit.

Pretty Posies Necklace from Forever 21

Emma shakes her patootie in this skirt, with a white bow-tie blouse, vintage brooch, and yellow/silver PMJs.

Peppered and Striped Skirt from Anthropologie - $128

This ring finishes off the look:

Bloom Flower Ring from Stella & Dot - $39

Emma gets dirty in this outfit:

Banana Republic Blouse

Juicy Couture Fruity Print Skirt in black and green (often seen on Nicolle's GleeBay feature!)

I'm still on the lookout for the fabulous ruffle-collared blouse she wore under the Pick A Bunch Cardi, the gray jacket with the frayed Peter Pan collar and big red/white buttons, and the gray puff-sleeve sweater with the bows all over it! Check back for IDs on these pieces as I find them!


kjmull126 said...

You're on point, Danielle! Good job!

I LOVED tonight! Ah!

Permanent Rose said...

When I wasn't too busy falling in love with the sweetness of Carl/Emma, I was falling in love with the outfit choices.

Winner episode. One of my favorites yet

Anonymous said...

do you have any more info on that Anthro floral bib necklace? even if it's not what Emma was wearing, I LOVE it and can't find it online anywhere.

Thanks (and great site by the way!)

Anonymous said...

the gray sweater with bows is from f21--i bought it for $10 a few months ago!

Anonymous said...

I have the Pick a Bunch Cardi and NEED the blouse she wore under it.... thank you for looking for it. I tried as soon as I saw it but I had no luck. Thank you for posting! This episode was one of my favs!!!! YAY!

Kira said...

Gray puff sleeve sweater with bows all over it is from Forever 21. I have it in pink! I purchased on August 1st. Unsure of the availability now.

Anonymous said...

The big yellow cocktail ring Emma wore in the scene where Stamos sang is from Vera Wang's summer collection for Kohls. I bought it on clearance about a month or two ago. Tres cute!

girl with freckles said...

i love that gray and white skirt...and did anyone else love love love how our Emma was the costume designer for RH? clearly Will also notices her style skillz!

Kait said...

I adore this blog and Emma's clothes... but I need a version of the blog that shows clothes that are similar and affordable! Now all I can do is lust after the things I won't ever spend that much money on... *sigh*

Anna said...

So many Emma outfits in this episode! Love it!

And just a question; whose lips were those at the beginning!?

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that rust colored pencil skirt was J Crew's wool double serge skirt in cinnimon stick from last fall.

Anna said...

Just found out that they were Santana's lips. All I can say is shoulda been Emma's. But then, I say that about everything :)

CDS said...

I'm going to watch the episode tonight and watch for these gems!

Anatomy of A Dinner Party said...

I love your blog! And I am just crazy for all of Emma's darling darling outfits. You are fab! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Like previously said above, the gray sweater is from Forever21. I got it back in April or May, so not sure of it's availability now! Just found your blog, absolutely adore it! (: