Friday, October 29, 2010

Emma Pillsbury Style - Get The Look - Floral Cardigan and Pencil Skirt

Of all the emails I receive every day from WWEPWers, the number one request is this:

I love Emma Pillsbury's clothes, but they're just too expensive for me to buy! Can you help me get Emma's look on a budget?

I can do that! Let's break it down. What is it about Emma's outfit that we love?

Pencil skirt. Skinny belt. Floral cardi. Ruffly collar.

We can get this look without spending a fortune!

Old Navy Floral-Print Cardigan - $19.99 (Also in plus-size - $24.99)
Old Navy Ruffled Button-Down Blouse in Pink Stripe - $20
Apt. 9 Tweed Pencil Skirt at Kohl's - $27.99
American Apparel Skinny Suede Belt - $34
Merona Marylynn Mary Jane Pumps at Target - $26.99

Tuck in that cardigan and fluff those ruffles!

Find Emma's exact pieces here.