Saturday, May 8, 2010

Emma Pillsbury Style - Get The Look - Eiffel Tower

Emma's Eiffel Tower sweater from Forever 21 has nearly disappeared online and in stores. Fortunately there are more ways to introduce this Parisian icon to your wardrobe.

Moschino Triangle Eiffel Tower String Bikini - $224
Knitted Eiffel Tower Jumper - $80.00 - My favorite - could totally see this on Rachel.
5 Preview Oversized Printed Tank Top - $102 - Not very Emma, but cute over the bikini!

Eiffel Tower Printed Playsuit - $67.64
Eiffel Tower Print Bra - $32.00 - Oui! Oui!
Juicy Couture Eiffel Tower Charm - $52.00

Water Painted Eiffel Tower Tee - $8.80
Eiffel Tower Earring Set - $3.80
Eiffel Tower Print Bandeau - $6.76

More Eiffel Tower style ideas:

Oooh la la!


Whitney said...

LOVE the eiffel tower bra! Adorable.

Kallie said...

I hope Emma wears that bra when she finally gets it on with Will ;)
I nearly died when I saw her sweater, it was so cute!!

Teresa said...

My best friend went to Paris and brought me back an Eiffel Tower (or as my little C calls it, 'the awful tower') keychain!

I love that B&W ASOS striped maternity top.

And yes---that Knitted Jumper would TOTALLY be great on Rachel!

Eliz said...

That bra is just adorable! I have earrings, etc. somewhere from a trip I took as a kid. Maybe I should dig them up.

goldenmeans said...

Ah, that bra set is adorable! And oh I would totally buy that Topshop Eiffel Tower jumper right now if only I all my experiences with Topshop hadn't ended up On A Budget quality at a Break The Bank price!

Heather said...

The Topshop Eiffel Tower jumper comes in blue stripes instead of nude in the UK. It's sold out in stores but there are loads of them on eBay. And, woah, EIGHTY dollars?!?!? It was 20 quid here, so, what, fifty-five dollars?