Saturday, May 8, 2010

Emma Pillsbury Fashion Caps - Bad Reputation - Eiffel Tower

I can't get enough of the literal videos popping up all over the place. Why just videos, though? Why not scenes from Glee, too?

I brought you some flowers.

Flowers grow in dirt. Dirty flowers. Touch only the paper.

Emma, I'm really sorry for making out with Shelby. It's just...she had on this sheer blouse, and I could see her bra, and I got confused and couldn't stop myself. And I'm sorry for sleeping in the same bed with April. What do I need to do to make it up to you?

I don't know, Will. What did you have in mind?

I know! I'll hold my breath until you forgive me.



I'm just so angry at you, Will. Therefore I will stick out my tongue at you now.

If I show you my cute butt, would that help?

Yeah, kinda.


kjmull126 said...

This is great!

Teresa said...

I LOVE your scene rewrites!

Also, Matt's cute butt could solve everything. If he had apologized facing backwards I'm sure she would have forgiven him straight away.

Sarahnargle said...

You know, he never did tell her that he only slept with April, and didn't actually *sleep* with her. This kinda strikes me as important in the whole apology arena.

You're lucky you're cute Will, 'cause brains? Not always so much.

Sarahnargle said...

And again, she just looks fabulous when she's angry. :)

Teresa said...

Sarahnargle----that part bugged me so much! I wanted to interject and be all "OMG listen! It was JUST a sleepover! They even SANG and it was awkward but it was NOT romantic!" I don't get WHY he didn't mention that!

Eliz said...

"Kinda." haha!

Liz H. said...

hahah <333 omg your rewrites are amazing <3

Permanent Rose said...

Gosh, this just made my day. I def. think Will's cute butt would help me be more forgiving :P