Thursday, May 27, 2010

Making Up Emma - Theatricality

Peeps, I'm going to NYC this weekend to bask in the glow of Broadway stage lights and party like it's 1999 at the Glee concert! I'll be back on Monday for more WWEPWing with you, including announcing the winner of the Candy Shop Vintage necklace giveaway!

Until then, I leave you with yet another masterpiece by my girl Teresa, who deserves a lifetime unlimited gift card to DSW for her amazing contributions to WWEPW. XOXO


Emma Pillsbury was sadly absent from this week's episode Theatricality AGAIN (not because they don't like her, but Jayma Mays is filming The Smurfs Movie in NY and asked to be written out so she can spend time chasing pretend little blue things instead of wearing awesome J. Crew shoes *sigh*) and not only do we not get any fabulous new clothes to fawn over, I have no Emma hair and makeup to analyze!

So where is Emma? No one explained! Was there some intensive SAT Prep that she could not leave? Insane sale at J. Crew? In our Ricky Ricardo voice: WHA HOPPEN?!?! I was confused and/or worried! What would I write about?

But then my best friend had an idea!! I could just use the magic of Paint and insert Emma into this week's scenes! YAY!! She had been drinking wine, too---I think wine gives people great ideas!

So here we go, exclusively for What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear:
Theatricality WITH Emma!

After Rachel introduces herself to the mother who gave her away at birth to two fathers (who are never home!) with a serious concern for their daughter's hydration when she's upset, Emma overhears them as she is walking to SAT Prep and offers some helpful advice.

While Finn tries to take off his KISS makeup with his own saliva like a sad feral cat, Emma offers some makeup advice to the misguided teen. Too bad he's too upset about sharing a room with Kurt, who turns it into a weird Midwestern hookah lounge.

Emma is not a very big Lady Gaga fan, but she is a big fan of laughing at weirdos. And lobsterfaces.

Seeing what its done for the Glee kids, Emma decides that she wants to be a part of the theatrical magic, too. She wants to go GAGA! So before she leaves for SAT Prep, she finds the craziest outfit she owns: Princess Diana's wedding dress.

After the heated argument between Burt Hummel and Finn, Emma finds herself in the bedroom of the Hummel house as it is on her way to SAT Prep and offers some help, but she is yelled at by Burt, who can only take so much drama in one day and REALLY HATES PURELL. This isn't GUTS! THIS IS MY HOUSE!!!

While Rachel and Shelby Menzel decide to express their fractured mother-daughter love with the timeless ballad "Poker Face," Emma, fresh out of SAT Prep and just strolling by, thought what most of America thought: "Did you just sing about your bluffin' muffin with your absentee mother who made out with your teacher?" Oh. Okay.

But that wasn't the only singing! Emma steps in and challenges Shelby to a duet, a song they make up on the spot and like most songs you make up on the spot, it's emotionally raw and kind of sucks. But it expresses their pent-up anger and disdain for one another perfectly!

Emma, who has now grown her hair out 4 more inches and ran through snow, gets to Will's office just in time for him to realize the enormity of his sins and for her to find her way back to SAT Prep.

Then Emma runs into Tina right before she finds Figgins. Tina shows off her teeth and Emma is slightly scared but that does not stop her from knowing what to say to the confused little vampire.

Before she heads back to (where else?) SAT Prep, Emma made one last stop to Will's office to tell him about WWEPW and how he looks kind of like a sexy Orville Redenbacher in those glasses and cardigan, but she is still not over what he did to her with RACHEL'S MOM. She develops a weird craving for popcorn and decides she better leave before things get worse, before they write a BAD ROMANCE. (wah wah waaaaahh) :P

Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah-ah! Roma-ro-ma-mamaa! Ga-ga-ooh-la-la!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Glee Fashion Caps - Glee Goes Gaga!

We may not have seen Emma, but there was plenty else to keep this girl happy.






My girl Rachel from GleeHab tipped me off to this article on -

Glee's Costume Designer Dishes on Gaga Looks

Lou shares this tidbit: "“I have great respect for Lady Gaga,” she told us. “This episode is a tribute to her genius. The costumes are not replicas; we wanted it look like the kids made them." and much more about costuming New Directions a la Lady Gaga. It's a fascinating peek into her genius mind and her insane talent.

A HUGE "rah rah ah ah ah!" to Lou Eyrich for her incredible work!

Yay, Little Monsters! Little Monsters, hooray!

Photo credits: FOX and GleeHab

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fashion Challenge Results - Dream On

WWEPW's Look

Celeste's Look

This is nothing short of inspired. You continually amaze me with your creativity!

Amy B's Look

Birdie purse! Birdie purse! I need that birdie purse!

Amy B's (other!) Look

Ohhhh, pink and gray! And YES GIRL. Butterflies + vintage box purse = YES GIRL.

Nicolle's Look

I distinctly remember coloring my Fashion Plates with this color combination many, many times. I still love it.

Manda's Look

Welcome, Manda! I'm so glad you joined us for the Fashion Challenges and I hope you stick around - this look is fabulous times infinity!

Patti's Look

Yay! Hi, Patti! So glad you joined in on the fun, too - I hope you'll continue to play each week! I'm a bit partial to your skirt choice, too...

TP's Look

Oooh, pretty pretty pretty! Are you sure this is your first-ever set? You're a natural!

Courts' Looks (Click to see the larger sets on Polyvore)

I cannot possibly pick a favorite. And you can't make me!

G's Look

THIS. OUTFIT. Has my name written all over it. It's Emma meets Mad Men and that, my friend, is music to my ears. Gorgeous.

Rachel's Look

Those shoes. My feet.

Audra's Look

There isn't anything here I don't want. TM Audra.

Meg's Look

That purse is fabulous, Meg!

Sarah's Look

Welcome, Sarah! That necklace is incredible! I'm so glad you joined us!

Samantha's Look

Owls! Skirt!

Emma's Look

LOVE the inverted color scheme idea! Absolutely fantastic!

Rose's Look

I'm still dreaming of that skirt showing up in my closet.

Danielle's Look

Purple beads. Must stop drooling.

Molly's Look

One of my all-time favorite skirts, Molly!

Bridget's Look

That necklace is so sweet! Love the seashells! Welcome, Bridget!

Melissa's Look

Melissa, your style is impeccable! I like your necklace much better than the original!

Kate's Look

I love this bright, cheery outfit! It makes me happy.

O's Look

Oooh, I love the shoes!

Finally, I want to make special mention of two submissions from Christina and Sarah, because they are capital F-Fabulous. Christina says:
I saw you were taking requests for an outfit inspired by Emma's appearance in the "Dream On" episode of Glee this week so I jumped at the opportunity. I wanted to do something a bit different; I decided to make this outfit a "plus-size edition" of Emma Pillsbury-esque fashion! I am plus size myself and love the cute, chic style of Emma Pillsbury and feel that it would be nice for those of us who are a bit more on the curvy side to also have a chance to look and feel fabulous!
Christina, I love it! Emma's style looks great on every woman, whether she's a size 0 or an 18! Thank you so much for putting together so many great plus-size choices for this week's challenge! I hope we see a lot more from you!

Christina's Look (Click to see larger version)

Sarah has created an entire blog dedicated to plus-size Emma fashions! J'adore! I loved Sarah's style choices so much that I've asked her to join us at What Would Glee Wear? She has an important and much-needed style perspective!

Sarah's Look

Thanks to everyone for another great week of fabulous looks! Now, bring on the GAGA!