Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fashion Challenge Results - Dream On

WWEPW's Look

Celeste's Look

This is nothing short of inspired. You continually amaze me with your creativity!

Amy B's Look

Birdie purse! Birdie purse! I need that birdie purse!

Amy B's (other!) Look

Ohhhh, pink and gray! And YES GIRL. Butterflies + vintage box purse = YES GIRL.

Nicolle's Look

I distinctly remember coloring my Fashion Plates with this color combination many, many times. I still love it.

Manda's Look

Welcome, Manda! I'm so glad you joined us for the Fashion Challenges and I hope you stick around - this look is fabulous times infinity!

Patti's Look

Yay! Hi, Patti! So glad you joined in on the fun, too - I hope you'll continue to play each week! I'm a bit partial to your skirt choice, too...

TP's Look

Oooh, pretty pretty pretty! Are you sure this is your first-ever set? You're a natural!

Courts' Looks (Click to see the larger sets on Polyvore)

I cannot possibly pick a favorite. And you can't make me!

G's Look

THIS. OUTFIT. Has my name written all over it. It's Emma meets Mad Men and that, my friend, is music to my ears. Gorgeous.

Rachel's Look

Those shoes. My feet.

Audra's Look

There isn't anything here I don't want. TM Audra.

Meg's Look

That purse is fabulous, Meg!

Sarah's Look

Welcome, Sarah! That necklace is incredible! I'm so glad you joined us!

Samantha's Look

Owls! Skirt!

Emma's Look

LOVE the inverted color scheme idea! Absolutely fantastic!

Rose's Look

I'm still dreaming of that skirt showing up in my closet.

Danielle's Look

Purple beads. Must stop drooling.

Molly's Look

One of my all-time favorite skirts, Molly!

Bridget's Look

That necklace is so sweet! Love the seashells! Welcome, Bridget!

Melissa's Look

Melissa, your style is impeccable! I like your necklace much better than the original!

Kate's Look

I love this bright, cheery outfit! It makes me happy.

O's Look

Oooh, I love the shoes!

Finally, I want to make special mention of two submissions from Christina and Sarah, because they are capital F-Fabulous. Christina says:
I saw you were taking requests for an outfit inspired by Emma's appearance in the "Dream On" episode of Glee this week so I jumped at the opportunity. I wanted to do something a bit different; I decided to make this outfit a "plus-size edition" of Emma Pillsbury-esque fashion! I am plus size myself and love the cute, chic style of Emma Pillsbury and feel that it would be nice for those of us who are a bit more on the curvy side to also have a chance to look and feel fabulous!
Christina, I love it! Emma's style looks great on every woman, whether she's a size 0 or an 18! Thank you so much for putting together so many great plus-size choices for this week's challenge! I hope we see a lot more from you!

Christina's Look (Click to see larger version)

Sarah has created an entire blog dedicated to plus-size Emma fashions! J'adore! I loved Sarah's style choices so much that I've asked her to join us at What Would Glee Wear? She has an important and much-needed style perspective!

Sarah's Look

Thanks to everyone for another great week of fabulous looks! Now, bring on the GAGA!


Teresa said...

OMG, I love those blue Paul Smith shoes!!!!! I WANT TO SHOUT ABOUT IT TO SOMEONE!!!

and Amy B's BIRDIE PURSE?!? Where did you find such a fantastic thing?!

I love Amy B's looks, Nicolle's set (is that an apple ring?) and G's set.

Great job!!!!

La Changa said...

Thanks so much for featuring my picture, Danielle!! =]

Shout out on my blog; everyone can come by and check it out!! =]


-Christina <3

Anonymous said...

Yay! So many new Emma fashionistas! I love it! I love wwepw's set! And the cardi from Patty's set is to die for!

And yes Teresa, it IS an apple ring! I thought it was pretty fitting for her profession :)

Molly said...

Hooray for Christina and Sarah for their excellent contributions!

Permanent Rose said...

The Kate Spade silk bow skirt was definitely a popular choice for this challenge ;)

Lindalou said...

I love your blog. So clever..and I love Emma. Thanks for helping us celebrate her style.

I wrote a post about your blog on my site. I just couldn't resist. Hope it brings you a few more readers.


Amy said...

This is just becoming my weekly shopping list!

angie.a said...

Fashion Plates!!! YES!! I haven't thought of those in ages. Man I wish I still had mine!

Danielle said...

I still have mine! (I might also still play with them...)

AmyB said...

Loving the Birdie clutch? Well of course you do!It's Louis Vuitton! It can be yours for the not-so affordable price of $340. Crap on a stick.

G's set handsdown this week for me!

Great job everyone, gotta get my Gaga on.

Susan said...

I love Christina and Sarah's looks! I am so excited to see some curvy girl Emma inspired looks! :)

Silly Bee's Chickadees said...

OMG! I have to find my old Fashion Plates!

Silly Bee's Chickadees said...

Pardon me while I comment on everybody's fab looks!

Danielle- Is that purse like the ones my grandma carried? Love it!
Celeste- That necklace is to die for! Good call!
Amy B! Birdie Purse! I have a box purse that I've got to pull out! Not vintage, though.
Nicolle- Betsey Johnson apple ring! And that bow hobo Valentino bag? Wow! A girl can dream, right? At least I have the shoes!
Manda- That cardi is so nautical. Yum!
Patti- I love yours, it's so 40s Vogue!
TP- That necklace is divine. I almost used that watch! You used it much better.
Courts- You know I love your A to Z! A is for Aqua and awesome!
G- Your whole look is dreamy! The purse is brilliant!
Rachel- Blouse, this is my closet. Closet, meet blouse.
Audra- that top is gorge!
Meg- now that's a necklace!
Sarah- awesome cuff! Get in my jewelry box!
Samantha- I'm loving owls right now! Whooo knew?
Emma- I need those Midas shoes! Hotcha cha cha!
Rose- I'm gonna need a bigger necklace tree!
Danielle- Those shoes are like lollipops! Yum!
Molly- Those shoes were made for sashay-ing!
Bridget- I love all things beach-related!
Kate- That skirt is so painterly! Love it.
O- Those shoes...I could faint.
Christina- Your shoe choices are spot on! Especially the Cutesy Girls!
Sarah- Love the front slit skirt. Kee-oot!

Thanks for humoring me, Emmas!

P.S.- I'm Melissa (Birthday party Melissa) and that's why I didn't have any comments on my look. But, I'm craving Angel Food cake now!

Eliz said...

Lovely sets, everyone! So many bows, yay!

Too bad I'm so busy right now, I miss making them! (And of course Glee will be on summer hiatus when I'm finally not, grr!)

Finding Me said...

I really like Amy B's Grey&Pink look, I like the colour combo. I want the bow shoes in Samantha's look. And the bow skirt in O's look is fab!
Great idea by Sarah and Christina. I love the button skirt in Christina's look.

Making these looks are super fun, but it sure does make me want to buy a lot of things hehe.