Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Emma Pillsbury Fashion Caps - The Power of Madonna - Silhouette Sweater Cardigan

Hooray! It appears!

(But we've already seen it!)

But we didn't see the cherry earrings! Cherries. How appropriate.

And now, a montage of Will making goofy "I'm gonna get some" faces.



AmyB said...

Cuz it's cherry popping time perhaps? Love it!

Alice said...

I looove cherry earrings ! I'm looking for the perfect ones everywhere for years and, of course, they pop up on Emma ! I should have known it !^^

Anonymous said...

I love how the sweater was paired with a red pencil skirt. I found this sweater in forever21, but they didn't have my size only had small. I wanted to cry... that was the only one left in the entire state! Grr... I was very angry. Plus it was on sale for $13.75. I did find a very cute Emmaish sweater at the store though so then i didn't feel so bad after all.

Michelle said...

shes planning to do the nasty with him! You cant not LOVE them! & Wills face after she says that!?!?!? amazing! <3