Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Match Game - Pink & Black vs. Blue & Gold

It's been so busy here on WWEPW, hasn't it? I think it's time to check in on our most recent Match Game results and start up a new one! Looks like my Blue and Lime look was the favorite this time around. I'm still madly in love with Em's pretty look. Yay for playing along, Em! I hope you submit more looks for Match Game in the future!

This week, there is going to be a THROWDOWN. A-line skirts. Mary Jane pumps. And Kate Spade jewelry. Oh, yes. Kate Spade jewelry.

Up this week is an amazing look by the lovely and talented Amy B, who you'll recognize from lots of our WWEPW Fashion Challenges. She created one of my favorite all-time looks in the Insane Yellow Blouse Challenge, when she paired the IYB with jeans and a bright green Anthro sweater, and put the whole look in a sweet picnic scene.

For this Match Game, Amy put together a super-feminine outfit. How am I supposed to compete with the divine collar on this blouse? HOW? Amy's pink and black look:

vs. my retro-inspired blue and gold look.

Vote away!


AmyJo said...

Oh Danielle...you have made quite the throwdown that I couldn't even decide which one to vote for (and the pink and black is mine)!!
Fiddle dee dee.

AmyJo said...

By the way, love love love the new layout!

Danielle said...

Amy, I cannot tell a lie! I had to vote for yours! It's perfection! I keep coming back here to stare at it.

And you have great timing! I was just posting something about the new layout! THANK YOU! I'm so glad you love it!! I do, too!

wordnerd said...

I love the pink and black outfit (that SKIRT, omG) but I think the blue and gold is more Emma...

Jaimie said...

This is going to take some thought. I really can't decide...they're both beautiful!

cybele727 said...

Danielle, Wordnerd is right. The gold is so emma, and the pick waaaay to fashion forward but HOT, HOT. Oh and Danielle, your shoes are totally the bomb. The pink needs those shoes to be so over the top awesome. Still too fashion forward for Em though!

You make me want to get skinny again and lose the baby weight to dress like Em.