Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fashion Challenge 2.0 - Liz's Collection

WOW! WOWIE WOW WOW WOW! I received over 50 submissions for Fashion Challenge 2.0, and folks, you did NOT disappoint. The looks are amazingly accurate, but I'd expect nothing less from such a fun group of dedicated Glee fans and fashionistas!

I'll be posting the looks you created by character, but to get the ball rolling, I'm dedicating this first post to Liz, who can be found on tumblr at missliz-gleek. Liz created fifteen looks - one for each of the show's main characters. Yep, FIFTEEN looks! This is dedication, people. And wait until you see them - Liz did not phone it in for this challenge!

Liz also put a really creative and unique spin on this challenge, which you'll notice right away when you see the looks she created for the male characters. Let's take a look!

Rachel Berry

Liz calls this "the look for cute grandmas everywhere!" HA! Check out the necklace! How perfect is that?

Tina Cohen-Chang

She even included the hair extensions to match the outfit!

Mercedes Jones

Liz totally nailed the Mercedes bling.

The Cheerios - Santana Lopez, Quinn Fabray, Brittany

I LOVE what she did here. It's a really clever take on the cheerleading uniform, suited to each character's style. Perfectly, I might add...

Terri Schuester

The perfect pregnancy-faking top for Terri. And we all know she needs to wear flats for the four-hours-a-day, three-times-a-week job she has to hold down at Sheets-N-Things.

Sue Sylvester

Sue would be pleased to know that Liz chose such a royal color for her character.

Now check out Liz's totally original idea for the boys' looks!

Will Schuester

Aaaaah! Isn't that fantastic? It's Will in female form! Brilliant! Love the Burberry tie!

Finn Hudson

Casual and easygoing, just like Finn.

Kurt Hummel
Liz calls Kurt's style "pure fabulousness." INDEED.

Artie Abrams

I think this is my favorite. The pants! Are awesome!

Noah Puckerman - Puck

Liz and I both agree that Puck's style would be hot on a girl!

Mike Chang

Pop and lock!

Matt Rutherford

A perfect interpretation of Matt's style!

Ken Tanaka

Short shorts and a whistle! Love it!

Liz, you really outdid yourself with this Fashion Challenge! I can't imagine the time it must have taken to put these looks together with such precision and attention to detail. I'm just so glad you took this on with such enthusiasm and I'm thrilled to be able to post them on WWEPW! Thanks for kicking off our Fashion Challenge 2.0 with such an exciting collection of looks!

Give it up for Liz, and give her some love! Visit Liz on tumblr at missliz-gleek and follow her on twitter at MissLizEddy, too!

Yay, Liz!


tngal said...

WOW! This is incredible! Kudos to Liz. =)

AmyJo said...

Utter perfection!! Way to go Liz!

Erin said...

I LOVE her take on the Cheerios, Puck, and Will. So good!

Which reminds me, I need to finish my other characters! Ahh, the deadline has passed!

Danielle said...

You can still totally send me stuff if you want! I'll be posting them periodically over the next week or two! :)

Teresa said...

That's AWESOME!!! OMG Will's set is ADORABLE and Ken's?? LOL those long socks and red chucks (my faves!) are too cute!

Great work Liz!!

Korianne said...

Lix, this is why you are my friend! So awesome. Love you babe!

Danielle said...

I forgot to mention something about Liz's looks - the awesome fonts she chose for each character's name! The fonts suit the characters to a T! LOVE that detail!

Liz said...

Wow thanks guys! I appreciate the appreciation! Haha It was a lot of work, but I had so much fun it was worth it! Procrastination at its' best for sure! Hope to contribute more in the future :D

MissKellie said...

Oh my gosh, she did such a good job! :D I love seeing all of the boy's styles translated to girl style! So cute!

Emma said...

OMG the Ken Tanaka- the female version. LOL

Emma said...

AND WOAH NEW LAYOUT. the mary janes at the bottom = best site design ever.

Celeste said...

the new layout is BEYOND AWESOME!!!

Anonymous said...

Got to agree with Emma, the Ken Tanaka is brilliant. In fact, they all are! She has really gone above and beyond. Love it!

Jaimie said...

These are awesome! What creativity! Way to go, Liz!

Leia said...

Great blog! I love Emma Pillsbury!

Leia said...

Great blog! I love Emma Pillsbury!