Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fashion Challenge Results - Insane Yellow Blouse

All right, this has got to stop. Would you all please enter some UGLY OUTFITS FOR ONCE? You're making this judging thing very, very difficult on us.

This week, "us" consists of three judges:


Rachel of GleeHab.com, who is officially a permanent judge on Fashion Challenge! Think of her as WWEPW's Michael Kors, but without all the bronzer.

To keep up with GleeHab.com's latest, follow Rachel on Twitter!

And our featured judge - GleekReport.com!

Of all the Glee sites out there, GleekReport is one of the originals. It was the very first Glee website I started reading, and it quickly went to the top of my favorites list for the sheer reason that it's so well-written. I loved that I didn't have to sift through OMGPONIES!!!111!! after every sentence! I'm old. These things please me.

There's something on GleekReport to satisfy every Glee fan, from spoilers to reviews to interviews. Be sure to follow on Twitter and become a Facebook fan as well!

On to the Challenge!

We three judges spent a long time moaning and groaning about having to narrow down the list and shoving entire chocolate bars in our faces to mute the pain. Ok, so maybe we didn't do that last thing but it was really hard, you guys! We all shared these three looks among our lists of favorites:

Nikki's Look

Nikki writes the blog Loving Every Second, which I love. I think that Nikki should give me her dogs because I picked her look as one of my favorites. It's only fair.

Katia's Look

I am a sucker for yellow, gray, and black. It must have something to do with all the hours I spent staring at that Men At Work album cover in my teens, but that color scheme just makes me happy. I love that she added Chanel #5 as the fragrance for this outfit. Emma would be a classic perfume kind of girl, for sure.

Amy J's Look

Amy said, "With a blouse like that, you gotta keep the look simple!" and we couldn't agree more! I loved this earthy color scheme, too - it really caught my eye because it was so unexpected. I love daring color combinations like this canary yellow with the soft pumpkin. Also those shoes are made out of WOW.

Now here's something new! Two of the looks were so different than anything we've ever seen before on WWEPW's Fashion Challenges, I need to give them a special shout-out. Honorable mention goes to these two looks for pushing the challenge to new heights!

Meg's Look

Skinny jeans + cropped jacket + Insane Yellow Blouse + LOTS OF BOWS = WIN.

Amy B's Look

Amy was excited to use her favorite Anthro sweater in this look, and I think it's fabulous with the blouse and jeans. Also, HI, the picnic scene including the Jane Austen book is the perfect place for a date where Will coaxes Emma into getting over her issues with sitting on the ground.

Hooray for Meg and Amy for creating such unique looks!

And now, the rest of the awesomeness!

WWEPW's Look

I'm a teacher, I'm drawn to primary colors!

Dina's Look

Dina creates absolutely fantabulous outfits on Polyvore, but the best part is that she often follows up with photos of the outfits in real life on her blog! It's so fantastic! Go check her out at My Superfluities - you will become a regular reader after just one visit, I promise!

Emma's Look

GleekReport especially liked the Clorox Wipes!

Jumpingbean's Look

The coat is perfection!

Andley's Look

Andley's entries are always so much fun! I absolutely must have that clock for my house.

Jessica's Look

I know we always see Emma polishing orchids, but I really see her as more of a daffodil person! Nice touch, Jessica! (And yes, I am feeling better, you are so sweet to ask! Thank you!)

Sweet Archivia's Look

Everyone. I have found my next purse. I love the vintage-y feel of this whole look! Be sure to visit Sweet Archivia at her blog, with the greatest tagline of all time - Because Life Just Isn't As Sweet Without Fashion - fabulous!

GolfGirl's Look

Too. Many. Pretty. Things. Must. Sit. Down. And. Rest.

Jen's Look

Remember my friend Jen who created The Emma Beret? She created this look! I'm proud to say I contributed to yet another online addiction for Jen by introducing her to Polyvore, especially because she came up with this great look. The plaid skirt with that sweater is one of my favorite combinations, because I always admire people who can put together non-matchy items and make them look good. I just got the greatest corkscrew scarf from Jen's Etsy shop - Mimi & Boo. She's got a beautiful blue one for sale there right now, so check it out!

Pugglie's Look

I really really really want a polka-dot skirt. Actually, THAT polka-dot skirt.

Tiffany Rose's Look

As soon as I saw this look, I started to smile, and I haven't stopped since. The colors are so bright and cheery!

Maria's Look

Another unexpected color scheme that totally works!

Rachel's Look

Rachel is the author of another one of my favorite blogs, Shoes and Sewing. You will not believe what this woman can make. I want to move in with her for about two weeks and have her go all Karate Kid on me with the sewing machine. Pins On! Pins Off! Thread the Needle! Pump the Foot Pedal! Rachel is seriously AWESOME.

Luanna's Look

Why, yes, you guys CAN get me that skirt for my birthday, thanks so much for asking!

Yonit's Look

How clever is this? I love both of these looks so much that I would have to change skirts and shoes every half-hour. I wouldn't want to damage one outfit's self-esteem by favoring the other.

Celeste's Look

Look at the flower buttons on that jacket! LOOK AT THEM!

Liz's Look

That clutch is so gorgeous it should have its own talk show.

Lori's Look

Again with my favorite color scheme. LOVE the harlequin sweater with that skirt. A brilliant pairing!

Julliana's Look

The colors of this look are so Emma! Love everything about this retro-modern feel. Julliana's website - Troy and Jules is a veritable treasure trove of amazing finds! I am so glad she entered this look because it brought me to her site! She's also an accomplished seamstress so I'm hoping eventually all of these great people who read WWEPW will somehow pass their talents to me through fiberoptic technology. Please?

WHEW! I'm exhausted! How about all the great looks this week?!? Which were your favorites? Share the love in the comments!

Congratulations again to Nikki, Katia, and Amy J! And thanks to Meg and Amy B for bringing something new and different to the table!

And a HUGE thank you to GleeHab and GleekReport for judging this week's challenge!


Teresa said...

Okay, I really feel sorry for you judges because OMG HOW CUTE IS EVERYTHING?!?!?

I seriously cannot believe how different and yet how awesome they look!!

Rachel K said...

I totally stuffed chocolate in my face while judging. I'm pregnant - that's allowed!

You all did such an amazing job this week!

Thanks Danielle for the judging op!!

Gertie said...

I just wanted to say that I love looking at the results of these challenges. You people are INSPIRED. Keep up the fabulous work, everyone!

Tenley said...

Love love love everything! I didn't make a look this week... I could not get inspired...

anyway, I LOVE THAT SKIRT jumpingbean and rachel used! MUST OWN NOW!

Danielle said...

Ok, Gertie is the REAL DEAL when it comes to fashion, so if she says you're inspired, my friends, IT IS SO. Read her blog and you'll see what I mean.

Jen said...

Ok, yeah, THANKS DANIELLE. I may not ever sleep again. Or work. Or feed my children.

(Thanks for the shout-out, anyway, and I'm so glad you like the scarf!)

Katia said...

I am so happy you liked my look, thank you. :)

So many beautiful outfits. I am in love with the colour scheme in Nikki’s look and I also really like Maria’s look, I want the skirt with the hearts and the shoes are just gorgeous. I love the polkadot skirt that goflgirl and Pugglie both use so much, I nearly used it as well.

dinagideon said...

Thank you for the sweet shout-out!!! :)

I do not envy you having to choose...there were some lovely lovely sets this week!

Erin said...

I am SO glad I didn't have to judge this week because all these looks are AMAZING.

Love that some people went casual and paired the top with jeans. I love that Rachel and Jumping bean used the same skirt--that skirt is very Rachel Berry! :)

Gertie said...

Aw, thanks, Danielle! :)

AmyJo said...

I seriously want every outfit...

Jen, I love love love the frog pin!! (and that you also used my favorite Anthro sweater!)

AmyJo said...

Oh yeah, and did anyone else see the Glee teaser commercial last night during American Idol? I was so happy to have a dvr, I watched it 3 times and paused it on a VERY exciting scene with Emma and Will that I think may have been in the boudoir!

Rachel said...

Thank you so much for the kind comments about my blog. I am so excited I figured out how to email you though polyvore. I am addicted to this. It is so neat to see how everyone's mind works differently in putting things together.

Lisa said...

I want one of everything!

sweet archivia said...

Wow really amazing stuff! Thanks so much for putting this together...and so glad you like my blog tagline ;)

Congratulations to the Nikki, Katia, and Amy J! Well deserved!

Amy Johnson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amy J said...

The shoes are super comfy and only $30 at gothamcityshoes.com. I bought them a few weeks ago and fell in love. The look was inspired by my new go-to MJs! Glad you liked it and keep the challenges coming! So fun!!

Amy J said...

Oops - it's gothamcityonline.com. They're Marc Fisher's Abrianna style. Happy shopping!!

Emma said...

Can I guest judge next time around? My blog is gleeklopedia.blogspot.com .

Anonymous said...

Wow! I never realized how CUTE all these outfits were!
My favorite show is DEFINITELY Glee. It is too funny.
My favorite character, though.. has to be Sue.. haha.

I really like your blog. I subscribed!

Subscribe to mine?

Nikki Cogg said...

Thank you for featuring my look! Who knew a crazy yellow blouse could produce so many different outfits? I love them all!!

Sarah said...

Love love love yellow and grey, especially when it has something to do with a plaid. :)