Saturday, January 2, 2010

Emma Pillsbury Style - Get The Look - White Crochet Beret

Look, there's no good reason not to try wearing a beret. Ok, maybe there is one good reason.

But when berets can be as cute as this one...

...there's just no good reason.

Thankfully I have awesome friends with skillz. My friend Jen has designed and created The Emma Beret, inspired by the final scene from Sectionals.

How super adorable is this? And how super hilarious is her description of it?

So you've had a bad day. You just quit your job, you got dumped on your wedding day, and the man of your dreams is married to a crazy, pregnancy-faking witch. But then you don this lacy hand-crocheted, winter-white slouchy beret in a soft, easy-care wool/acrylic blend, and suddenly everything looks a little brighter. You're adorable, winsome, and the man of your dreams is quite possibly running down a hallway toward you in slow motion. What? It could happen!

The Emma beret is already sold out at her etsy shop, Mimi & Boo, but if you love this hat, she's got more in the works, or you can convo her there to place a special order. You'll be one step closer to making out with Will Schuester in an empty hallway!


Emma said...

I love the description of the hat and I love your last comment, "You'll be one step closer to making out with Will Schuester in an empty hallway!"

Tracie said...

Love the beret. I laugh when I think of the berets in European vacation. Hard to believe that is Blake Lively's brother.

Jen said...


Alaina @ Live Creating Yourself said...

I LOOOOVE it! That IS talent!

Just bought the first set of season 1 on DVD and watched the pilot. aka you could say my night was awesome.

: )


Liz said...

haha while I was scrolling through this I saw the beret and had to take a second glance before realizing this wasn't Emma's actual beret! haha I really love it a lot! :D My trouble is wearing berets correctly. I can never get it exactly like Emma's :/