Sunday, January 3, 2010

Channeling Emma - Rachel

My girl Rachel, a writer at Glee Club Online, channeled her inner Emma like a pro.

I hope little plastic gloves were also involved.

Rachel's daughter is a miniature Emma, too.

Love it!

Thanks to Rachel, I can keep up with Glee news AND have time to rewind "Don't Rain on My Parade" forty thousand times! Yay, Glee! Glee kids hooray!


Rachel K said...

The plastic gloves only came in to play when my wimpy father-in-law had to change a poopy diaper. OMG could you imagine Emma changing a diaper?

Jess said...

What about emma style for us girls on a budget??

Liz said...

haha Emma changing a poopy diaper would be epic. haha I can just see it now; the toxic bubble man suits, oxygen mask and tank, and some long tongs! haha