Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fashion Challenge 2.0 - Tina

Of all the characters on Glee, Tina is the one whose style is most unlike my own. Scratch that. Her style is the polar opposite of my own. The way Weird Al feels about his ex in One More Minute* pretty much mirrors my feelings about Hot Topic. Shopping at an overpriced mall store to look alternative kind of defeats the purpose of actually being alternative, doesn't it?

Still, this style suits Tina perfectly - hiding behind combat boots, dark nailpolish and a somber color palette as much as she hides behind her fabricated stutter. I found myself enjoying these looks for Tina more than any of the other characters for Fashion Challenge 2.0.

Jen's Look

Erin's Look

Zyerna's Look

Meg's Look

Emma's Look

Celeste's Look

Lauren's Look

Thanks to Lauren, Celeste, Emma, Meg, Zyerna, Erin and Jen for putting together such great Tina-inspired looks!

*Kids, if you don't know about Weird Al Yankovic's song One More the video now. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200. Our relationship depends on it.

1 comment:

AmyJo said...

Big sigh. I love them all!
Makes me miss my 3-hole Doc Martens, black tights, men's levi cut-off jean shorts, and my favorite The Smiths concert t-shirt so much. If I could get away with dressing like that now, I so would.

I called a radio station in 8th grade to dedicate that song to a stinky skater boy once. I felt so redeemed.

Love it!!!!