Friday, March 12, 2010

Emma Pillsbury Style - Get The Look - New Cast Photo

A new cast photo appeared today (thanks to @GleeHabSite, @GleekReport and @gleeks!) and Emma is certainly a standout!

The color of her skirt and sweater remind me of the pool blue that is prevalent in Milly's PreSpring 2010/Resort 2009 collection.

With the skinny belt, it doesn't look like she's wearing her signature J.Crew Bow Skirt in blue, but the sweater certainly resembles the J.Crew Jackie Cardigan in seashore green. Is this a new Insane Yellow Blouse, or is the original making a comeback? And I don't think we've seen these ankle-strap pumps before, either!

Update: If you enlarge the photo that Rachel posted on GleeHab, you can see that Emma is definitely wearing sweater clips! I think they're the owl clips! Yay!

(Rachel's top, incidentally, is the Radcliffe Yard Joanie Sweater by Kate Spade - out of stock at the moment...)

For kicks, I put together my version of Emma's outfit from the cast photo:

The skirt is the J.Crew Stretch double-serge pencil skirt, which I gussied up in blue with the help of my handy little photo manipulation program. Pay attention, J.Crew! I'd buy this skirt like crazy if it came in other bright colors, like this beautiful turquoise!

Let's hope this outfit isn't just for this promotional photo - we need to see it close up, in HD!


Katie said...

love love LOVE!
One month and two days till Glee comes back in glorious HD!

Teresa said...

I absolutely adore those colors---they look so HAPPY and FRESH!

Liz said...

I am POSITIVE that it's the Insane Yellow Blouse -- viewed at the right angle on my computer screen you can definitely see two bows.

(I also see Terri's hand on Will's shoulder but I'm just going to pretend it isn't there... ;))

Danielle said...

Liz, you are totally right! And if you enlarge the photo that Rachel posted on GleeHab, you can see that she's also wearing sweater clips! (The owl ones, I think!) YAY!

lilbailey said...

Photo in HD!

Liz said...

Whoa, I was so wrong, it isn't the IYB :D