Friday, January 8, 2010

Would Emma Wear It? - New From Anthropologie

LOTS of new arrivals at Anthropologie, and a few of them instantly jumped out at me as potential additions to Emma's wardrobe in future episodes. Lou Eyrich selects many of Emma's clothes from Anthro, and I'm thinking that's a trend that will continue. In particular:

Midnight Daisy Cardigan $148
Of all the new finds at Anthro, this is the one I most hope to see on Emma sometime in the future. It just screams old-fashioned-modern.

Raveneli Blouse $128
This blouse reminds me of the Dusky Dolphin Blouse by Odille that Emma wore in Vitamin D. It's quirky. I also admire Lou's skill in pairing unexpected colors, which I think she'd do well with this top.

Bright Side Blouse $98
Wouldn't you love to see this with the robin's egg blue J.Crew bow skirt?

Beribboned Buds Cardi $88
The flowered cardigan look may have run its course, but in case it hasn't, I'd love to see Emma in this. It's a teeny bit different than the others we've seen her in before, with the magenta flowers, and I'd really like to see Emma wear more pink hues.

Gainsborough Pencil Skirt $148
Reminiscent of the J.Crew Watercolor Skirt from Ballad, with richer colors. With a crisp white collared blouse under a bright cardigan, this would suit Emma well.

Think Emma will wear some of these pieces in the future?


Rachel K said...

You are a genius! I bet she wears every single one. AND since I bet they read this blog, they may even take your pointers!

Natalie said...

emma looks adorable in anything but she would be too precious for words in the beribboned buds cardi! This is a must for emma and I wish it was cheaper for myself :)

Kate said...

Not sure, they might be too frilly for Emma's taste. (I know, I stretch) but I don't see her in any of those.

Emma said...

I can see her in almost all of the them! The yellow cardigan at the top might be too much for her though.

Alaina @ Live Creating Yourself said...

I'd be shocked if we didn't see at least one of those items on Emma when the show returns this spring. Great finds!


Jill Mader said...

Those are all definitely Emma looks, great job! Glee makes me wish Anthropologie was a little more in my price range.

Liz said...

I can see her in the bright side blouse :D If only I could afford all of Ms. Pillsbury's clothes....*sigh* but guess that's what Target is for :D Yay replicas! Replicas horray!