Sunday, January 10, 2010

Channeling Emma - Amber

Amber writes:

Like you, I love Emma's style on Glee! I only just found your blog in time to see your channeling Emma entry. Unable to choose from my way too numerous Emma-esque outfits, I chose to share my Christmas outfit.

Ok, how cute is Amber? LOVE the monochromatics. Amber's entire outfit - skirt, blouse, and sweater - are all Merona brand from Target! The shoes in the second photo are Blowfish, and all of her jewelry and accessories are from Dillards.

Thanks for sharing, Amber. Your look definitely gets the WWEPW stamp of approval!


Alaina @ Live Creating Yourself said...

That's all from Target?!?! Props to Amber! I always get overwhelmed when I enter the clothing section at the store and instead normally head over to their home goods. But talk about inspiring - I'll have to look again!


Danielle said...

Doesn't she look fantastic? Definitely check out Target - they have a new line out that is very Emma-ish right now! Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

i'm heading over to target right now!

Charlotte said...

I love Target!! Most of my cardigans came from there; I have the same cardigan as Amber, only in purple! =]
They also had a really adorable hat there, that wasn't exactly Emma-ish, but is vintage-ey and pretty darn adorable all the same: